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Moblog Hotel

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Created on: 5th Aug 2008 (active for 12 years, 6 months) by puddlepuff

Last updated: 2nd Jun 2009, 00:38

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This shared Moblog is setup as a project to see if it would be possible to travel around the world staying for free at a Mobloggers place.

To make it easier to meet up, share and take fee accommodation in places where you would otherwise never end up, or pay a god awful amount of money.

As a bonus you'll have the unique chance to take a peek into the life of any Moblogger that gives up his or her house, couch or kitchen cupboard as a free place to sleep.

If your up for it, post a picture [or more] of anything that reflex your house, bed, toilet, garden. Provide the details below and when posting it, and please make sure you put it in Google Map.

You don't have to be very precise of your whereabouts, if you don't want.

Country & City or Town:
Type of House:
The area:
Parking available:
Where will I sleep on:
Pets allowed:
Other facilities:
Length of possible stay:
Know of any Mobloggers in your area:
Can give you a lift to:
House sitting:
Would love their Moblog guest to: