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ceviche de camarones (shrimps) o de pescado (fish)

(viewed 2559 times)
Ceviche is a delicious preparation of raw seafood, from latin america. You may use fish fillets or shimps (of any size) as in picture. Chop finely and then season with the following mix.
For the sauce, finely chop tomatoes, red onions, coriander leaves, green chile (jalapeno or similar, the hot touch is necessary), salt, and abundant lemon juice (or lime). Mix the chopped fish meat and the sauce and serve. Avocado is a nice addenda as decoration and taste.
I consider this a lovely starter, a great summer meal and a fantastic way of eating raw seafood.
Serve with a chilled beer and your success is secured!
(If you have problems with hot -chile- consider that in this preparation it is necessary, but at your taste: when finished, if your mouth is on fire, a couple of yogurth spoons will wipe it)
Buon Appetito!
27th Aug 2009, 00:08   | tags:comments (3)

Spaghetti with onions and anchovies

(viewed 1846 times)
(serves two): This recipe is inspired to southern Italy tastes: you need just a couple of things, basically: onions and anchovies. It's very cheap and very tasty, as well.
As the spaghetti cook in boiling salted water (you have 8 to 12 minutes, depends on the size), slice a large onion and put in a large pan with some olive oil. After 5 minutes the onion is tender and add three or four fillets of anchovies (I use the oil preserved ones), that will melt quite soon (see pic). Also add some chili powder and/or some tabasco sauce (I love the mix). Now the spaghetti are ready (do not overcook them, never!): roughly drain and put in the sauce pan for one minute. A couple of water spoons help, so do not drain too much. If you like you may add some fresh garlic and some lemon skin very thin cutted.
That's it. I prefer it without added cheese (the omnipresent parmesan),
but it's up to your taste and ... buon appetito!

Tartare meat

(viewed 2322 times)
Yesterday another special restaurant: the "Ristorante Centrale" in
Moncalvo, a small town between Casale and Asti, in the hearth of
Monferrato, Piedmont. They are famous for the beef tartare, shown in
picture. Well, they are rightly famous for it. The recipe is very
simple. Just take a first class piece of tender and tasty beef meat, no
fat at all, and mince it. Do not use a machine, but use a knife, a good
heavy kitchen knife. Beat the meat with the knife as long as it becomes
a puree, a sort of soft dough. Then you can season it as you like: just
a pich of salt, lemon juice and some drops of olive oil (as shown here), or you may
add pepper, tabasco, minced onion, parsley. Usually, the best the meat,
the less is seasoning required.
I know that for some of you raw meat may seem excessive, but I am sure
you will never complain!
29th Sep 2008, 10:59   | tags:comments (2)

Scallops with figs, fois gras and almonds

(viewed 4120 times)
Today I went to a very nice restaurant in Milano (Pane e Acqua, via
Matteo Bandello) and I took this great and surprising main course: so I
do not present you the recipe, but the suggestion of this great food.
Scallops are grilled in a pan, just a bit, the fois gras is just warm,
the almonds and the figues cut in slices, all on a bed of tender salad.
Great. Really great!
24th Sep 2008, 18:45   | tags:comments (5)

Peach jam: sweet and hot

(viewed 3928 times)
During summer I've made a peach jam: into a big pan put 4 kilos of
peeled and chopped peaches with 3 1/2 kilos of white sugar. Cook for
about 3 hours, stirring often. Then put into steril vases, cap and let
it cool upside down. The peach jam is ready.
This is the normal part of the recipe.
Now comes the "advanced" and original part.
Collect the peach peels into another pan, put 4 or five spoons of sugar and 10 red hot chile peppers (the fresh ones, about 5 cm long). Cook for about 40 minutes, stirring because otherwise it burns. Then use a minipimer and reduce to a puree. You have a wonderful rich sweet and hot "sauce" - exactly it is an hot jam - that is really great with meats and seasoned cheese.

La Peperonata - The Pepper-onata

(viewed 2236 times)
A typical hot season veg preparation. You can prepare in advance and
even freeze for future use.

Various colors large peppers
onions, about half the weight of peppers
tomatoes or tomato sauce

Chop the onions the size you like (I do small) and put in a pan with some oil. Then chop the peppers and add to the pan. Add two spoons of water and salt and let it cook for about ten minutes. If you like you may add some tomatoes or tomato sauce, but I perhaps prefer it without.
Ok. It's done. But preferably let it cool or even eat next day. It get so much better resting for some hours in the fridge.
Il love it with many fish, meatballs and it is superb with parmesan cheese.

Vitello Tonnato - Tunaed Calf

(viewed 3388 times)
This is a typical summer main course: easy to prepare, tasty and lovely!

A nice piece of calf top round or similar (no-fat and tender meat)
6 to 10 oil preserved anchioves
150, 200 gr of oiled tuna
salt and pepper

In a pot of boiling salted water put the meat and cook it (in the water carrot, onion, celery, parsley). When ready (about 2 hours later), let the meat chill in the stock, then slice very thin and cover with the sauce. Decorate with more capers, more anchovies fillets and parsley, as you prefer. Before serving let it rest in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

For the sauce: Mix and mash the mayo, the tuna, capers and anchovies to obtain a smooth and savory cream (please do not use the minipimer, makes everything liquid).

With some minor differences, the original of this recipe is in the Artusi, the XIX sec. italian cooking bible. You may find the book online at or
PS: use the stock for a risotto!


(viewed 1555 times)
(consider one egg per person)
3 eggs
150 gr breadcrumbs, finely grated
150 gr grated Parmigiano
1 pinch nutmeg
1 1/4 qts. lean beef broth, seasoned

It takes five minutes and it is a superb soup. Prepare a mixture with the eggs, a pinch of salt and a pinch of nutmeg, and add the breadcrumbs and Parmigiano. Bring the broth to a simmer. Place the bread mix into a potato ricer and, as the broth simmers, rice the mixture into the broth. Cook for 3 mins. and serve.

Usually served with broth, you can also drain and season with melted butter and sage leaves and more grated Parmesan.
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