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Delivering cupcakes!

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At the janmans house. I skipped gym to buy and eat cupcakes

theres Cheesecake, tiramisu, white chocolate ganache on dark choc base, janman took the dark choc, and cookies 'n' cream! YUM YUM!

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6th Aug 2009, 08:11   comments (2)

My new independance shoes!

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These are my graduation shoes! $149.95. But i have also dubbed them my 'i dont need anyone, or anything, just a great pair of shoes' shoes! :) yey! Super comfy n sexy with a pair of jeans! Me like. I walked so for them, my feet hurt. I need an excuse to wear them now!

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4th Aug 2009, 10:05   comments (2)

Here we go!

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People were an hour late.. So 6:30, we're setting off! Zoom zoom.

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31st Jul 2009, 09:46   comments (0)

Thai food in newtown!

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Yum. This place was gold! So cheap but so good! Im going to try as many of the restaurants on king st as i can :) yummo.
Time to look for some dessert XD
7th Jun 2009, 12:58   comments (0)

Giant yummmmm XD

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Finally decided to crack open giant easter egg after a depressing day at the gym.
I didnt get my damned endorphins from working out. So i eat chocolate :D endorphins all around :D :D :D
Ps. I dont wear lame bows. Thats just off the easter egg wrapping and i didnt want to lose it :p
17th May 2009, 15:30   comments (0)

Feeling like poop

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Just came back from uni and been feeling bad all day for some reason.. So am trying to find happiness in my comfort foods :(
13th May 2009, 09:13   comments (0)

My breakfast. yum!

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Hurray for fairy bread Yum I want more...
15th Apr 2009, 01:23   comments (3)

Pieces of crap in my life..

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Pieces of technology that have decided to fuck me over beloved itouch is refusing to turn on.. And won't even register when I plug her into the computer..
And my laptop.. Who I formatted today.. But I accidents ruined her with trojans when I was trying to look for drivers.
My poor babies.. :(
11th Apr 2009, 11:43   comments (0)
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