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A tedious jaunt through my existence. Be sure to let me know if you spot any interesting bits, as I may have missed them - no prizes are offered or implied.

For your health be sure to take a break of at least 15 minutes for every hour of viewing. If product gets into eyes, rinse with clean water and seek immediate medical assistance.

Pictures taken with a Sharp GX30.



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The Great Radiator Scoop

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That radiator in closeup
2nd Jun 2004, 13:33   comments (1)

Garden Radiator

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British weather isn't the best, granted. But an outdoor radiator seems a trifle extravagant?
2nd Jun 2004, 13:26   comments (0)

Hot Steamy Action

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2nd Jun 2004, 09:19   comments (0)


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poop poop! pssht'ka - pssht'ka - pssht'ka - etc...
1st Jun 2004, 21:25   comments (0)

...what's he doing?

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...and here's me at the other end of the garden - now who do you think looks like they need to be in care? My football style is clearly influenced by my t'ai chi training and the fact that I once saw Saturday Night Fever. Ho-hum.
31st May 2004, 13:07   comments (0)


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Another nice day at work and a chance for a kickabout in the garden. This is John, one of our residents and a fun bloke to do stuff with. He's autistic and can't talk but loves to do anything active - swimming, hiking, camping... we've been up Ben Nevis before now. He's also a lot better at football than me! A very hard man to get a good photo of as he blows at you if you point a camera at him which just looks stupid (I don't know why and he's not telling). I snuck up on him for this one having made him run for the ball, and caught him as he turned round - I think it worked.
31st May 2004, 13:06   comments (0)

Hello? Is anybody there?

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Ooh! A visitor... My friend Dave just phoned to check I'm in before he comes round. I NEVER have visitors - I usually go out to them cause my flat's so small. Dave's just come back from a stag weekend in Amsterdam, and he also has some photos of me to show me. In the event he also turned up with wine, a laptop for me to fix (one of many strings in my bow) and a friend with weed. Suddenly fixing computers was fun, but strangely difficult.
31st May 2004, 12:57   comments (4)

Certificate of Bravery - it's official

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and she *was* extremely brave. Never cried once, treated everyone with her usual disdain. Made us both feel like silly children. Again. Stop doing that! You're FOUR for goodness' sake!
31st May 2004, 12:55   comments (0)