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A tedious jaunt through my existence. Be sure to let me know if you spot any interesting bits, as I may have missed them - no prizes are offered or implied.

For your health be sure to take a break of at least 15 minutes for every hour of viewing. If product gets into eyes, rinse with clean water and seek immediate medical assistance.

Pictures taken with a Sharp GX30.



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Enjoying the weather.
22nd Jun 2004, 13:29   comments (6)

Bad case of the blues

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Smurfin' out for the evening
20th Jun 2004, 23:41   comments (15)


Check out this big bugger!

Somebody found this on the floor upstairs at work, thought it was a bat at
first glance (wouldn't be the first time) but it soon turned out to be
Moth-ra taking a rest after flying from the moon. We immediately got onto
google to find Godzilla's phone number before it started wreaking havoc on

After a little more investigation it turned out to be a poplar hawkmoth
which was a lot less exciting but not as worrying. The blurry shot is where
it was shaking it's wings at us, but it shows the red bits which helped to
identify it - it was also just before it took off and flew away. See ya!

16th Jun 2004, 13:34   comments (7)

Sunday at the park

A few more pics from the weekend -

1. & 2. This squirrel was quite happy sitting right next to the path munching stuff while people walked by. I'd never seen one this unconcerned before so I thought I'd get some shots. He apparently knows that you only need to worry when people stop, since he scarpered as soon as he saw us watching him.

3. Memory watching Leah throw her parachute man around. The three of us were having a kickabout prior to this during which a helpful observer pointed out that she is another one of the many people who have better football skills than me. "And she's wearing sandals." pointed out another. Yeah thanks. Memory just smirked as she continued her keepie-uppies. Later, she proved she's better at basketball too.

4. Leah left us to football and went off to play with her parachute man; remember these? It's completely authentic, came with the strings pre-tangled so the chute can't open properly and it's hooked into the Met. Office computers so that gusts of wind come whenever you throw it. Absolute crap. She loves it!

5. Back at home, Leah used all her building blocks to build this - it's a prison castle apparently, and although it's hard to see, there is a king and queen in the middle. Not sure what it says about her state of mind, but there it is...

16th Jun 2004, 13:21   comments (0)

Cookie recipe

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For all of you who drooled over the cookies we made yesterday... make your own!

250g plain flour
50g cocoa powder
100g butter
50g sugar

Seive flour, cocoa powder into a bowl with the sugar and butter.

Squeeze together with fingers until they come together to make a ball of dough

Shape your biscuits and decorate them

Place on a baking tray and cook for 15 mins (160C/325F/Gas mark 3)

Cool on a cooling rack

14th Jun 2004, 11:26   comments (7)


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...but every project has it's sacrifices.
13th Jun 2004, 17:46   comments (0)


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15 Minutes later...
13th Jun 2004, 17:23   comments (5)


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Mmm - chocolate cookies with mini smarties about to go in the oven...
13th Jun 2004, 17:07   comments (0)