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A tedious jaunt through my existence. Be sure to let me know if you spot any interesting bits, as I may have missed them - no prizes are offered or implied.

For your health be sure to take a break of at least 15 minutes for every hour of viewing. If product gets into eyes, rinse with clean water and seek immediate medical assistance.

Pictures taken with a Sharp GX30.



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UR ALL GAY (now)

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Damn it! Ah well.

Hello boys...
17th Jul 2004, 15:51   comments (6)

It's a nice sky!

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Nice sky this evening.
16th Jul 2004, 19:27   comments (4)

Avast there ye landlubbers!

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In a moment of inspiration I decided the swings were boring and we'd have a much better time in Knaresborough. So off we went, scorching day, t-shirts and jeans, lunch near the castle and playing pirates on the boats. Great. 10 minutes later it *really* rained...
7th Jul 2004, 16:44   comments (5)

Major Lip-down

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Long day, short staffed, pissed off.
4th Jul 2004, 19:23   comments (3)


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The cenotaph in Harrogate is an icon of the town. Great. 10 Minutes later it rained.
1st Jul 2004, 20:07   comments (5)

Yet another cheesy grin

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Another lovely day, another trip to the park, another go on slides, swings, roundabouts, then all of 'em again.

Another ice cream on the way home, another spontaneous hug, another "I love you Daddy" and in the midst of life's uncertainty a 4-year old girl has let me know I'm getting things right at least for a few hours :-)
27th Jun 2004, 22:10   comments (1)

I wanna be a dentist if I grow up.

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25th Jun 2004, 14:16   comments (13)

Look into this device please Sir

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about to leave work having been there for 38 hours - I want to forget...

Now I have the pleasure of cycling home in heavy rain. at least it keeps me awake, plus I get a free colonic from the rear wheel... errr...

*edit* I realised after that it was actually 29 hours - but there you go, lots of 'em in a row is enough to fuck up your basic maths skills!
24th Jun 2004, 09:32   comments (7)