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A tedious jaunt through my existence. Be sure to let me know if you spot any interesting bits, as I may have missed them - no prizes are offered or implied.

For your health be sure to take a break of at least 15 minutes for every hour of viewing. If product gets into eyes, rinse with clean water and seek immediate medical assistance.

Pictures taken with a Sharp GX30.



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...And then I scribbled on the mrs.
9th Nov 2004, 20:03   comments (3)


(viewed 1325 times)
I found one of those 4 colour biros the other day and scribbled this on my hand...
9th Nov 2004, 19:58   comments (1)

Bonfire Night

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On the stray in Harrogate. Years since I've been, the fireworks were good but not nearly as good as I remember as a kid, then again nostalgia specs always cloud the vision.
9th Nov 2004, 19:04   comments (5)

Starbeck Sunset

(viewed 1172 times)
Sunset yesterday I thought was rather striking. Almost looks like a nuke effect!
9th Nov 2004, 18:54   comments (1)

Lazy Weekend...

(viewed 1207 times)
...insofar as any weekend can be called lazy when you've got kids!

Forgot I'd taken this until now - a fine Sunday afternoon spent blowing bubbles on the stray.
27th Jul 2004, 22:47   comments (10)

Souvenir from Lourdes

(viewed 1349 times)
Jesus Christ...

...must be spinning on his cross. A very tacky plastic thing full of 'holy water'
18th Jul 2004, 11:33   comments (7)

Worship me!

(viewed 1211 times)
My minions bring me offerings... They have found my favour.
18th Jul 2004, 10:25   comments (4)

Just in case there was any confusion

(viewed 1212 times)
At all times! Two small dogs! Okay?
17th Jul 2004, 15:54   comments (2)
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