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Ren Pics 8/12

14th Aug 2006, 18:03   comments (2)

Jim's Wedding 05/13/06

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17th May 2006, 02:00   comments (2)

The Birds have moved in.......

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Apparently my haning basket has become home to a new
family of birds. Last week I went out to water the
basket and had a bird fly out. So I looked around as
I watered it to see wht and found a new nest with
eggs. So I snuck out today to snag a pic to post here
and so my kids could see it, without disturnbing the
mama bird.
16th May 2006, 21:38   comments (3)

Todays Snow Storm

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5th Apr 2006, 22:36   comments (0)

You wonder why I can't get the laundry put away

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5th Apr 2006, 22:28   comments (0)


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OK I finaly got my pc up and running right so I can
finaly post the pics I have been taking. The next few
will be of Alexandra making spring cupcakes.
5th Apr 2006, 22:15   comments (0)

Dad and Derek

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This is a rare pic of my Father holding Derek. He
only does this once. It is also one of the few pics,
he allows to be taken
29th Mar 2006, 07:02   comments (0)

Pics of me....

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After I woke up a bit...
29th Mar 2006, 06:42   comments (0)
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