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2007--I'm trying to take one picture each day. I don't have a camera phone yet, but that's not going to stop me. I'll be using my gf's camera phone until I can afford my own.

Wish me luck!

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1st May 2007, 23:23   comments (1)

For the days I missed...

This is for all the days I've not blogged, but I haven't skipped a day of photo-taking.

The first one is of a car that was in front of me on my way to wal-mart (lookin' for a wii again) who had a UC DAVIS sticker on it. You can't tell in this pic tho, but it's above the
middle brake light.

The next one is from Saturday evening. My gf and I went to our friend's place to play with their Wii... My gf's into it!!!

Sunday morning I woke up early and hung out in front of Target. It was raining so hard... so, getting a Wii definitely made it worth it... I GOT A Wii!!!

Monday, I work a sock with a hole in it... it was uncomfortable all day, but it made for an interesting subject when I got home.

Yesterday, I almost forgot to take a picture... so before I went to bed, I took pictures of the bedspread.

I'm trying to stay away from any of the auto settings on my camera, including auto focus... it's hard. It's even harder when I can't wink! ; ) I have an eye patch... but then no one would take me seriously!
11th Jan 2007, 06:08   comments (0)

Yesterday and today...

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So, I worshiped a bottle of Motrin yesterday since I was suffering from cramps. I know that's TMI for you males, but I also know that all the ladies can feel me on this one. At least this month's cramps didn't send me to the emerency room like a couple of months ago.

This morning I woke up early enough to be there when they opened the doors to Target. I got there at 7:30am just so I could be the first to enter the store. There were about 4 others waiting with me... all waiting to find out if the store had gotten a delivery.


I guess I'll try again next week.
5th Jan 2007, 17:05   comments (0)

Last night's dinner...

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Last night, I ordered my girlfriend and I a pan pizza from Pizza
Hut. We took advantage of their any size for $10. It wasn't too bad
on my gums, but I have to admit that I had a headache from 11am until
I finally went to bed at midnight. Damn, that's like a 13-hour
headache. Weak.
4th Jan 2007, 04:40   comments (0)

two extractions... ouch

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So, I don't really feel like posting a photo today... I went to the dentist this morning and got two teeth pulled. I took some drugs. I felt nauseous all day and still do. This sucks. I'm glad I was able to take the day off though. I doubt I could've lasted sitting in front of the computer all day at work.

I'm watching "Freeway" with Reese Witherspoon, Keifer Sutherland, Brooke Sheilds and Britney Murphy. This movie cracks me up and for some reason I love the dark humor. I also love "Very Bad Things"... add them to your Netflix!

Happy Birthday Mommy!
3rd Jan 2007, 01:56   comments (6)

Damn, already missed 1 day...

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Our dream car when we were 13!!! You hardly see AMIGOS around these days.
1st Jan 2007, 02:19   comments (0)

My First Post

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This is just a test... my 365 project starts on the 1st, but it doesn't hurt to start kinda early, right? I guess it's more like extra credit... in case I skip any days. I don't plan to though.

Wish me luck!
30th Dec 2006, 04:48   comments (6)