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Posted by weightwisecoach04

21st Dec 2008, 02:08   comments (1)

'What Is The Question?' WINNER!

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It only took a little over 36 hours, but well done to Xalieri for
working out the tough 43 character question we posed.

Xalieri wins a care package from and an amazing Nokia 6220
Navigator handset, so well done oh anagram master.

Please see the previous post for a roundup of the project and what we
hoped to achieve, and once again thank you for everyone who helped make
this project into a reality.

Posted by Alfie

27th Oct 2008, 15:29   comments (4)

The Macro Artwork we created

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Well done to everyone who took part, together we created a web first: A macro map artwork created using markers.

X marks the spot big time in this case - the central marker was a James Nachtwey image left at the door of the Department for health.

Posted by Alfie

There's only one thing left to ask. What is the question?

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This game has been an amazing thing. It has brought many people together around a question, one which  uses the power of James Nachtwey's documentary photography exploring XDR-TB as it's central mechanic. The game itself involved you being engaged on a number of levels; searching out clues and solving them, finding locations scattered on blog posts all around the web, some of them very cunningly hidden. Finding the photographs we scattered over London was the first part of the challenge, and each trip out into the city you were likely in a state of heightened awareness, noticing things that you otherwise almost certainly would not have. The last challenge remains:

What Is The Question?

XDR-TB is not a sexy disease, it's not something you can easily hang a campaign hook on or gather people behind a clear and within-sight goal. Charities and campaigns are active everywhere; canvassing on every street corner, online, in our email inboxes. We are becoming inured to the real issues at stake, relegating them through  habitual avoidance of people on the street holding clipboards and smiles. The point is that even though we are becoming hardened the world has enormous problems, and the web and new ways of connecting together shows us that we can all do something about them, no matter how small your personal contribution or act seems to be at the time.

One in three people in the world is infected with TB bacteria, and XDR-TB is a mutated form of this bacteria that comes about through mismanagement of multi drug resistant TB. Once it's been created it can be passed on. This disease is one of the biggest killers of HIV sufferers globally. It is, however, a preventable disease.

Photojournalist James Nachtwey is considered by many to be the greatest war photographer of recent decades. He has covered conflicts and major social issues in more than 30 countries. In his TED Talk Nachtwey said that there was  a vital story that needed to be told, and that he wished TED would help him gain access to this story and help come up with innovative ways to use news photography in the digital era.

We hope that this project has helped do that in taking Nachtwey's idea of the 'power of the image' into new territory. 'What Is The Question's' casual game play style and it's integration of common consumer technologies created something new which can be used around the world as a new form of group play. We also hope that this idea of putting oneself in a frame of mind conducive to 'noticing' is something you like and want to use, both in the world around you and the world that you almost never see, the world which Nachtwey's images describe.

If you visit the map now you will see what we were creating together in our hunt for the photographs hidden around London: a new form of play where we can create online art, together.

Thank you so much for playing, thanks all of the amazing bloggers who came up with such inventive ways to hide and present the locations they held.

And so here we are at the last part of the game. What. Is. The Question? We invite you to figure it out. The first correct answer wins a Kindly donated Nokia 6220 navigator handset.

U O O R E D I O T R C O A U R U R E B E B Y N O S Y S E S A E U B H D D C L T A A N ?

Linked below are each of the blog posts which contained the latitude and longitude of one of the hidden photographs. Some of these posts are so creative and wonderful, so a big thanks again to everybody who took part and made this something really quite special.

Posted by Alfie

Letter: U

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Clue: it's about conversations, says Nokia

Posted by Alfie

25th Oct 2008, 23:59   comments (0)

Letter: R

(viewed 3787 times)
Clue: 540air BMX

Posted by Alfie

25th Oct 2008, 23:59   comments (0)

Letter: U

(viewed 3940 times)
Clue: Simple pleasures Adam

Posted by Alfie

25th Oct 2008, 23:59   comments (0)

Letter: R

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clue: It's magical, nihilism

Posted by Alfie

25th Oct 2008, 23:59   comments (0)
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