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Imported from Phlog - Dan!

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06:25:33 PM
Fri 4 Jun, 2004

As with most things - blame Hoggy.
15th Dec 2004, 21:18   comments (0)

Imported from Phlog - Views over St Louis

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03:51:48 AM
Mon 31 May, 2004

Went up the St Louis Arch today. Good views over the Mississippi (not the Misouri as previously stated - am fool with no concept of US geography). The picture taken with the FuturePhone is a bit dark - but you get the general idea! You can see the St Louis Cardinals stadium in the first shot.
15th Dec 2004, 21:15   comments (0)

Imported from Phlog - The St Louis Arch by night

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04:10:58 AM
Sat 29 May, 2004

This was taken from the cruise riverboat. Looks very impressive with the floodlights.
15th Dec 2004, 21:12   comments (0)

Imported from Phlog - St Louis Arch

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04:08:27 AM
Sat 29 May, 2004

The arch seems to be the main thing that St Louis is known for. This picture was taken when we were walking down to the river to go for dinner on a boat cruise.
15th Dec 2004, 21:03   comments (0)

A cold and misty morning in Oxford

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Christchurch meadow looks all frosty and mysterious shrouded in fog...... The car said it was -3C this morning - it certainly feels like it!
3rd Dec 2004, 09:08   comments (2)

Oxford christmas lights

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Suprisingly tasteful!
29th Nov 2004, 17:28   comments (0)


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Lots of chocolate - is like Willy Wonka!
28th Nov 2004, 12:30   comments (2)

Azure Skies

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The sky was so blue yesterday - not a cloud in the sky! Bleeding cold
14th Nov 2004, 19:48   comments (0)