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first day jitters

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my goodness. first day of school and i feel like the same little highschooler i was a few years ago. choosing back of the classroom seats, not raising my hand to answer questions. atleast now i have a car.

which was recently totaled. and i dont even remember the collision.

oh the joys of being a wreckless young adult.
29th Aug 2011, 16:05   comments (0)

animal shelter 8/16/2011

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went to the shelter and hung out with the puppies. its really sad seeing the poor anmals that were relinquished by the owners. you can see the confusion and sadness on their lil face :( this one was a beautiful pit named chance.
hung out with jessica today too. smoked a little and rode around. pretty boring.
but i am starting school n like 10 days AWWWWSHYYYITT!
this shits gonna be expensive. better be worth it
17th Aug 2011, 04:05   comments (0)

duck river 9/4/2011

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went to the river with nate jessica and jacob. it was fun, but jacob's overweight and perma-bitch girlfriend was being ridonkulous and stopped the fun early. the issue being, she was angry that he wasnt there when she came home from work and he was supposed to be due to her bad day. i dont think ive ever seen her have a good underlying issue within herself most likely...poor ole jacob.
in other news...... im sick of living in this hellhole of a garage. i cant wait to get my own place. not much longer!
5th Aug 2011, 07:32   comments (0)

curious children :)

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amelia conspiring against my sanity.
2nd Aug 2011, 02:43   comments (0)


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kids spending the night at my dads n sisters. did nothing but play video games websearching smoke and play video games all day. not even cool games. gamecube sucks. thiiis picture reminds me of teenage drug experimenting haa. im more into photo editing...
2nd Aug 2011, 02:37   comments (0)

reminds me of the 80s for some reason...

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2nd Aug 2011, 02:27   comments (0)

amelia skye!

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1st Aug 2011, 19:16   comments (1)


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im accessing through my cell. and i cant seem to find a way to add friends or groups... help?
1st Aug 2011, 19:07   comments (7)
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