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This is not a true moblog as I don't post from my cameraphone, except when there's no ADSL.

I lug my digital cam around most of the time. If you enjoy the shots, leave me some comments :-) thanks!

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Boats: we call these Sampan

(viewed 694 times)
"Sampan" is pronounced -> sum + pun.

*edit: must read forum thoroughly.
25th May 2006, 10:43   comments (11)

Driveby shooting ;-)

(viewed 605 times)
No I did not drive while shooting or the other way around either. heheh..
but I do a lot of this because we do a lot of travelling. Btw, did
moblogUK had a downtime this morning? (South East Asia).
25th May 2006, 08:08   comments (8)


(viewed 690 times)
Orchid shots.. I have quite a few of em since my mom is an avid fan of
orchids.. but please dont ask me their name... hmm.. the more I think
of this the more I realize it would be pretty amazing if I can name 10
blooms correctly.
24th May 2006, 15:05   comments (7)


(viewed 769 times)
I'm off to bed in a bit. Can barely open my eyes.... and its only 11.30pm.
23rd May 2006, 16:22   comments (17)

Red Slide.

(viewed 585 times)
No, I didn't crawl up the slide... I can barely fit in there.. and I
dont want to risk people calling the firemen to pull me out from
there. Haha! That would catapult me to stardom (once they put a photo of that in the frontpage).
23rd May 2006, 02:26   comments (6)

Hanging on ...

(viewed 872 times)
I caught this fella on the porch. Tried getting closer.. but fraid it I would scare it away. It's actually hanging upside down.
19th May 2006, 15:15   comments (15)

More shots from Balok Beach

(viewed 590 times)
Playing with apertures. Caught a few friends unaware. I have like
another 12 shots from this session alone but thinking I might bore
you.. I'm posting something else next.
19th May 2006, 12:37   comments (2)

Sunrise at Balok Beach, Malaysia

(viewed 1108 times)
Having captured moments like this makes me appreciate lugging a cam around.

Highlighted 18 May 2006. :-) Thanks!
18th May 2006, 09:04   comments (22)
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