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This is not a true moblog as I don't post from my cameraphone, except when there's no ADSL.

I lug my digital cam around most of the time. If you enjoy the shots, leave me some comments :-) thanks!

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Tea Plantation

(viewed 717 times)
Tea heaven on earth is what this place is. Tea... as far as the eyes
can see... Quite the place this is. Spends a minimum of an hour
everytime I come by. Can stay there for days if they let me...
4th Sep 2006, 16:37   comments (9)

Food of the Gods

(viewed 645 times)
heheh :-) I've been gone for a while.. Nothing big, just stuck with
working and attending compulsory courses... Had these in the weekend.
The waffle was to die for.
4th Sep 2006, 15:44   comments (9)

Bougainvillea all year round

(viewed 571 times)
21st Aug 2006, 14:29   comments (2)

Found it!

(viewed 595 times)
I found the Moleskine that I misplaced. Frankly, I dont understand
the hype.. its just a notebook... I appreciate it because somebody
gave it as a present.. Other than that, I dont see the wonder. Oh
well.. I sketched again... and proceeded to feel miserable because I
dont know how to sketch water in this gutter view. Definitely got to
learn how. I'm off to attend a course (not on sketching) this week..
so, may not post if I'm too knackered.
14th Aug 2006, 15:19   comments (3)


(viewed 648 times)
:-D Clowning around for work... I for sure could not pull that off.
I'm more the sour-faced grumpy type..
11th Aug 2006, 14:36   comments (5)


(viewed 692 times)
Was given a Moleskin for my birthday this year... Not one for keeping
a diary (I dont even have a proper blog!), I picked up where I left
off at 9 yrs old and proceeded to sketch from imagination. Easy to
guess what goes on up there aye? Yes.. I secretly wanted to shoot that
bird! ha! This few days however, I've spent time mulling over where I
put this thing last. Yes, being the absent-minded darling that I am,
I forgot where I placed this.
11th Aug 2006, 01:56   comments (8)


(viewed 704 times)
thats how many pencils I have on my desk at the moment. Either people
leave them on my table or I bring them back from
courses/conferences/seminars I attended. Are you a pencil/ink person?
11th Aug 2006, 01:44   comments (8)

Mom's place

(viewed 583 times)
I went back to mom's place. The land owner beside ours has just
cleared his land from all vegetation. In one part, its a lot hotter
now for us since all the tall the trees shading us has been felled but
on the other part, we may be spared from having to capture 5 feet long
snakes again LOL! and oh yes.. we can now see this sunset too!!
7th Aug 2006, 04:52   comments (4)