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This is not a true moblog as I don't post from my cameraphone, except when there's no ADSL.

I lug my digital cam around most of the time. If you enjoy the shots, leave me some comments :-) thanks!

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these are from my most recent baking adventure. they look good. I
wish i could say the same about the taste. Must change the recipe.
21st Jan 2007, 16:32   comments (7)

Outside the OP theatre

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Late last year I took 2 weeks leave to accompany my dad for daily visits to the hospital. You see, Mom went for a lense implant (cataracts) and socket servicing and she's warded for 2 weeks.

She's diabetic and some of the blood vessel??capilaries?? behind her eyes ruptured/deteriorated, often leaving her with vision of red. Previously docs stopped the bleeding with laser treatment but they needed to clean the excess blood that went beyond.

Only for the left eye. Right eye will wait its turn. Maybe in another year.We waited from 9am to 1pm to see her wheeled out from the OP. 3 other patients completed their OP within that time. You could only imagine how anxious we were at the time.

Later she said, she waited her turn inside the OP preparatory room for about 30 mins. Once the anaesthetician gave her the gas mask, she inhaled 3 times and went under. After that she was already in the ward.She's recuperating at home now.. with her sunshade on 24hours daily .. looking like an aging female rock star heheh...
12th Jan 2007, 04:14   comments (4)

Heavenly chocolate

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I'm the absolute clutz in baking. The cake has never risen before
whenever I take over the mixer. This time it tasted heavenly. The
icing part I have to experiment another day.. for now.. the cake
itself is good to go on its own. :-)
11th Jan 2007, 14:46   comments (5)

Up close and personal

(viewed 730 times)
Bug in a bottle is what this is. Couldnt possibly snap a shot this
close without Johnny Cricket here jumping off instantly.
10th Jan 2007, 13:47   comments (10)


(viewed 2177 times)
whatchu think? some of my friends actually felt disgusted looking at
these. To me these are just a delicious dish waiting to be cooked.
30th Oct 2006, 02:16   comments (10)


(viewed 906 times)
Shots of nephews and nieces devouring icecream cones during eid.
Happy faces :-) The reason? Aside from the icecream, the tradition is
to give a token (usually in the form of cash notes - small amount) to
every kid that visits during Eid.
30th Oct 2006, 01:06   comments (5)

Receding sea...

(viewed 587 times)
From my visit to a seafood haven near the port down south Pasir Gudang Johor.
22nd Sep 2006, 05:14   comments (5)

Hot Pink!!

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:-) I like this shot. Had to lean far out across a fence and stretch
my limbs to get this one.
10th Sep 2006, 16:36   comments (8)