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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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It sucks that I cant go outside!!

But I'm kind of glad I was behind the window!!

Half an Inch!!

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What happened to the snow?? up to 6 inches I was promised!! Must have been a
man doing the measuring as all we've got is about half an inch!! The blonde
kid has been up since god knows when listening to the radio for the school
closures after his teacher told him to yesterday, I've been on the weather
watch site and most the schools around here are still open, I hate to tell
him the chances of Danesmore closing are slim as we're due the results of
the latest ofsted report today....Better luck next time little man!!

See that sad face. It's me

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*sobs* god dammit!!

For Parabolichobo - the projector!

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It sits atop my speaker WELL above head height. If it's any lower it blinds
James every time he walks past, him being considerably taller than myself!
He bought it me on my birthday last year, so if you want to know where it's
from you'll have to ask him, Although I have seen one similar on IWOOT.


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The blonde kid made his own slippers, Just look at the concentration!!

A walk in the park.

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West Park 9:30 this morning on the way home from the hospital!!


My favourite corner!

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The lamp was a Christmas present.
The paintings and clock were birthday presents from the last year.
And the table (with a messy 7 year old and messier 26 year old) was an

I lurrrrrve Ikea. and my new lamp shades!!!

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...and James for being so tall I didn't need to drag the step ladder downstairs to put them up!