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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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Bullying is NEVER acceptable...

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My poor little man! One thing after another again!

Natures Beauty

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This lone leaf blew into the shop today and for some reason it caught my
attention for a lot longer than should have been considered normal, but it's
just such a pretty colour....
10th Oct 2007, 22:19   | tags:,,,comments (4)

Bargain Creativity..

I quite often call into charity shops on my way to and from work to look for books and other nik naks then yesterday hooked on a nail in our local Cancer Research shop near to the book shelves was the most disgusting necklace you have ever seen.

I wish I had taken a photo you wouldn't believe how ugly this thing was, It was made of purple and orange string with big purple buttons and little bits of silver thread hanging from it....BUT it had the most amazing set of beads weaved throughout it. I snapped it up for the bargain price of �£2.50, An hour or so of detangling, rethreading and wire bending later and TAA DAA, my very own bracelet.

The dying days of Summer

Literacy Day @ School

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Can you guess what book was the theme?


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James has never bought me flowers yet he arrived back from teh shops with
these to cheer me up. I love lilies, despite the negative connotations these
are my favourites! He's such a sweetie!!
5th Oct 2007, 11:22   | tags:,,,comments (5)

But this put a smile on my face...

Thank you D, it was most unexpected and very much appreciated!!

I ate all the roses already saving only the nut ones for James, well you
said we had to share and I don't eat nuts!! (except the almonds in the
toblerone YUM!!)

Royal Mail - Bastards

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For the last few weeks we've had a different postman and since then all our
mail has been shoved through the door in such a way that quite often
envelopes are torn and such like, Anyway recently it was my birthday and
when some of my cards were creased and all dog eared when they came through
the door I put a note on the window that read...

"Dear Postman, Please do not fold my letters, it made me sad to receive
ruined birthday cards. Thank You"

We left it there for a couple of days and then took it down again thinking
nothing of it.

Well, now I'm off work with my back the postman spotted me sitting in the
chair by the window this morning and knocked my door, He started shouting at
me about the letter saying I should get a bigger postbox, I pointed out that
the previous postman had, had no issues and I wasn't well enough to be
standing arguing with him....

(I'd just taken my diazepam and as anyone reading this who has had the
misfortune to have needed to take this particular medication will know It
not nice My body was screaming at me to go lie down and here was this idiot
shouting at me...)

HE reached past me grabbed the front door and starts shoving letters, that
weren't even addressed to me through the door "LOOK LOOK" he kept on saying,
I said look i'm not well I can't do this now...he shoved my parcels in my
hands grabbed his letters back and strode off down teh path glancing back
over his shoulder and and sneered "you should go to bed love"

I'd like to know if he'd have behaved the same if James had answered the
bloody door the fuckwit!