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"I am just your ordinary average every day sane psycho super goddess"

"She'll either blow us up or rub soup in our hair, it's a toss-up"

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Yes after so many days of rain...

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...I have a fascination with the sun :)
11th Jun 2006, 17:13   | tags:comments (0)


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Since I can only use my phone to take this I'll note what it says: "Women's Wonder Bar, take sweet revenge on pms, menopause and everyday cravings with this delicious swiss chocolate, rose oil, herbs and soy."

7th Jun 2006, 21:55   | tags:,comments (5)

Holy rain!

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Our yard and driveway is drowning!
7th Jun 2006, 15:11   | tags:,comments (5)

Apron making

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Cutting and one side hemmed completed (one with flash and one without...oops!). Fabric is hard to measure out b/c it keeps moving! But the process is still fun so I guess that's the most important thing.
6th Jun 2006, 03:46   | tags:comments (4)

My next sewing project

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I am making an apron...how exciting!! *gryns*
3rd Jun 2006, 22:22   | tags:comments (0)

A drive around my neighborhood

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1st picture is my house which was built by my grandfather whose grave is the 2nd shot. He died in 1962 so I never met him.

3rd picture is my great grandmother and grandfather's home (no longer owned by the family but kept up very well). I think my grandfather's style for our house was pretty much the same as the one he grew up in, heh.

The last picture is of a random building on one of the streets very close to my house.
3rd Jun 2006, 22:17   | tags:,comments (5)


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He guards my back door.
3rd Jun 2006, 21:39   | tags:comments (1)

Sword & banner

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I'm still sorting through my 400ish pictures from the last show and this picture I can't really use on the website but there is still something about it I like.
2nd Jun 2006, 04:13   | tags:,comments (4)