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"I am just your ordinary average every day sane psycho super goddess"

"She'll either blow us up or rub soup in our hair, it's a toss-up"

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18th Jun 2006, 03:21   | tags:comments (2)

Eric and Louie

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18th Jun 2006, 03:19   | tags:comments (6)

Sharing Macallan

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18th Jun 2006, 03:15   | tags:comments (4)

Played dress-up

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A friend had some costumes which we rifled through in order to find some potential things to make patterns for a Victorian outfit. The bustle skirt is my favorite, the blouse is pretty basic Victorian and the corset was just for fun. I have a corset but not one that drops my waist more than 2 or so inches, I need to save to get one like this one in order to be more authentic. Breathing, what's that?

*photos by P
18th Jun 2006, 02:05   | tags:,comments (3)

More Trin

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The first one is Trin waiting for her daddy/human to come home, so cute!
17th Jun 2006, 23:54   | tags:comments (9)


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I adopted Trinity (AKA Trinnie Boo, Booie etc etc) when she was a year old from our local shelter, took her home and traumatized my then boyfriend with the sudden arrival of a furry child (I did ask, he just doesn't remember *gryns*). Boo immediately forgot I existed as she found her human in my then boyfriend. When he and I went seperate ways we remained very good friends and I insisted that he could not be parted from Boo. Needless to say I do not see her too often but last night was dinner with friends at the ex's abode...so now we have heavy amount of Boo pictures ;)
17th Jun 2006, 23:49   | tags:comments (3)

New IV room

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Well half of an IV room (there is one more chair, another piece of semi-bad art, table and a armoire type item to the left) as I couldn't get the whole room in the shot with my camphone. I'm kind of happy with it b/c I was the one mostly pushing for it to get done and arranged it. I found all the extra tables in storage, moved all the furniture and harassed my boss till she ordered more chairs etc. Considering what I had to work with I'm happy with it and hope our patients find it relaxing.
16th Jun 2006, 01:56   | tags:,comments (3)

It's baaaaaaaaack!

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*sigh* It's raining again. I'm gonna need the SAD light before this summer is all said and done. How sad is that (bhahahaha, I've been driven to bad puns!)?!
15th Jun 2006, 13:24   | tags:comments (3)