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"I am just your ordinary average every day sane psycho super goddess"

"She'll either blow us up or rub soup in our hair, it's a toss-up"

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Freke walk

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Taken with my camphone and thought the colors were cool...I like the mood of it but than again he and I were in a good mood :-)
24th Jan 2007, 18:34   | tags:,,comments (5)

Too big!

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Yes, it is possible to make a piece of clothing to be too big even on someone who is 6'5". Monkey sleeves and skirt portions for what is suppose to be a tunic. Even though it wasn't the finished product it was fun to mock him in it anyway
;-) And after swating his gf with his monkey sleeves much cuteness ensued.
20th Jan 2007, 04:45   | tags:comments (7)

Doggy sitting

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Who can resist this face even when they are trying to hog the couch? :-)
18th Jan 2007, 01:38   | tags:,comments (0)

Lost milk jug

(viewed 755 times)
This jug of milk has been sitting on the curb for the past 3 or so days on the doggy walk route...just odd.
18th Jan 2007, 01:13   | tags:comments (1)

Another try at photoshop

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I guess I have too much time on my hands atm.
16th Jan 2007, 05:04   | tags:comments (3)

Freke the New Year's pup

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Freke (FREH-kah) is my very good friend's latest addition to his family, adopted from a nearby shelter.
-3rd picture is new master with pup :-)
-4th the New Year's folks stayed up past Freke's bedtime.
1st Jan 2007, 23:20   | tags:,,,comments (6)

More Arkham Horror and New Year's silliness

-1st, the big decisions on where to move...a monster might fly out of nowhere and kick your ass.
-2nd, celebration on not dooming us more ;-)
-3rd, a card that doesn't kick you onto the street to get beat up!
-4th, which encounter seems less likely to kill me or drive me insane...hmmmmmmmmmm.
-5th, my character and specs.
-6th, supplies for our New Year's cheers...well in addition to the wine and scotch (oh and tea too), heh.
1st Jan 2007, 23:01   | tags:,,,comments (5)

Arkham Horror

New Year's this year consisted of friends, yummy Indian food and 2 games of Arkham Horror which generated much silliness.
-4th picture, I had a much easier time getting clues this time, so no dreams about how I could buy a clue :-)
-5th picture, was the honorary presence of Cthulu as it was mutually decided that he was too tough to play against.
1st Jan 2007, 22:49   | tags:,,comments (0)