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AX04: I want this t-shirt

(viewed 512 times)
...and what's inside it isn't terrible either
8th Oct 2004, 21:00   comments (0)

AX04: man in Transformer suit

(viewed 1158 times)

He said he was the Alternators version of Sideswipe as a Subaru Impreza or some shit. I really don't remember, all that really matters is THOSE LIGHTS FUCKING WORKED. That is some dedication.

8th Oct 2004, 20:53   comments (0)


(viewed 622 times)
Jester Jade and his boyfriend dressed up as something from Naruto. I
haven't gotten that far.
8th Oct 2004, 20:53   comments (0)

AX04: Strong Mad & the Cheat

(viewed 940 times)
Strong Mad has grown an extra hand from drinking too much Mountain Dew.
8th Oct 2004, 20:53   comments (0)

Anime Expo 2004: man in Gundam suit

(viewed 1554 times)
The man in the Gundam suit is very lonely.

These photos are long overdue. My apologies.
8th Oct 2004, 20:47   comments (0)

Welcome 2000!

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3rd Jul 2004, 00:43   comments (0)


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3rd Jul 2004, 00:43   comments (0)


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3rd Jul 2004, 00:42   comments (0)