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Otakon 04: Room party

(viewed 1818 times)
He should've stuck his head in her crotch.

(This photo wasn't taken with my phone. Is this cheating?)
10th Feb 2005, 09:28   comments (0)

Otakon 04: Room party

(viewed 631 times)
Everett is pissed because he got himself all prettied up and the girl on
the right is paying him NO attention whatsoever.

Otakon kinda sucked this year, partially because Ev and I didn't have a sketchy adventure like the year before. The details of said adventure will not be disclosed, because the summary makes us sound far worse than we are, and the details make us sound far more boring.
10th Feb 2005, 09:27   comments (0)

Otakon 04: Room party cheesecake

(viewed 629 times)
One cheesecake, a room full of drunk nerds, and not enough forks.
10th Feb 2005, 09:27   comments (0)

Otakon 04: Could be Etna from Disgaea...

(viewed 1839 times)
...could be another confused candy raver.

Also, under no circumstances or sexuality should men wear belly shirts, or
shirts cut to expose their bellies. That is all.
10th Feb 2005, 09:07   comments (2)

Otakon 04: Could be another moogle-girl...

(viewed 1592 times)
...could be a very confused candy raver.

Oh, and Auron from Final Fantasy X.
10th Feb 2005, 09:07   comments (2)

Otakon 04: Ranma-chan, I guess, and some bitchy devil chick.

(viewed 1305 times)
Note that the girl on the left is unhappy and sour in the first shot. She's
sick of drooling fucktards like myself coming up and taking pictures of
her. I think she's smiling in the second shot because I made some comment
to that effect and promised these pictures wouldn't go in my private spank

Girl on the right is dressed as the titular character from Ranma
, from before Rumiko Takahashi lost all interest in doing things
that don't suck.
10th Feb 2005, 09:07   comments (2)

Otakon 04: Moogle girl.

(viewed 1328 times)
Exempli gratia. I bet this costume looked AWESOME in her
air-conditioned hotel room.

Moogles are from the Final Fantasy games.
10th Feb 2005, 09:06   comments (0)

Otakon 04: ...and pass out in the hot sun.

(viewed 721 times)
By the time simple phonecam bloggers like myself get to the girls, all the
glue and makeup and shit has melted in the ninety-degree
August-in-Baltimore heat and humidity and they just look like haggard-ass
beat-up underage hookers.

These cats are dressed as Frylock and Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, stil one of the funniest damn things on TV. The guy in the middle is holding some sort of spherical object painted to look like Meatwad, from the same show.
10th Feb 2005, 09:06   comments (1)