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Well, this started out as a way that my wife could follow my lone progress in my little sports car from Birmingham UK to Orkney.

Been there, done that 2 day there, 13hour return trip.

So now follow me: an Englishman representing Americans and based in a French office near Paris. With an appartment in Versailles and trips back to the UK anything can happen and, frankly, I've no idea where this will lead!

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Not small then.

So THAT's what all the fuss is about.
25th Jul 2006, 19:12   comments (3)

For a few Arrows more

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25th Jul 2006, 18:15   comments (2)

A Red One....

(viewed 551 times)
Farnborough Air show on Saturday. I'll post more later, but the show was
pretty cool (If a little damp) and flying into the UK just to go to the show
was pretty special...
25th Jul 2006, 18:08   comments (1)

More feet

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Ah..., well I was just about to swap a previous post with this one and then the previous post was highlighted.

Many, Many thanks for the highlight.

It just goes to show that I'm no judge

20th Jul 2006, 15:08   comments (1)

Paddle Steamer

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Ooooh engineering in motion. Paddle steamers are great.

Technorati Profile
19th Jul 2006, 17:49   comments (0)

Primary Colours...

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My Wife, My Mother and My Sister-in-Law looking fabulous at the chateau.
19th Jul 2006, 17:37   comments (0)

Geneva Wedding

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We were in Geneva for my cousin's wedding. She had a ceremony over looking
the lake and then we went into France for a reception in a Chateau. Very
smart...., as is my brother in the grey suit there.
19th Jul 2006, 17:28   comments (0)


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Mountains, posh buildings, lake with a HUGE waterspout... Must be Geneva
then. If you're still not sure, an Airport full of private jets, streets
scattered with Maybachs, Rolls-Royces, Lamborghinis, Maseratis.... ...and
more boats than you could shake a large stick at should be a better clue.
19th Jul 2006, 17:14   comments (0)