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Well, this started out as a way that my wife could follow my lone progress in my little sports car from Birmingham UK to Orkney.

Been there, done that 2 day there, 13hour return trip.

So now follow me: an Englishman representing Americans and based in a French office near Paris. With an appartment in Versailles and trips back to the UK anything can happen and, frankly, I've no idea where this will lead!

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George is taking liberties in Brum while I'm away.

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Now there George, young lady (long story), we need to have words.... ...Just
because I'm away in Paris does not mean that you can suddenly take my seat
on the Sofa. Off you get, that's better.
23rd Sep 2005, 17:35   | tags:,,comments (2)

Promenading around Versailles

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Went for a wander around my area on Saturday and this is what I found.
19th Sep 2005, 10:13   comments (0)

Forward Control Vampire

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Whilst we're on the subject, we found a British car show on Prince Edward
Island (that's Canada for the uninitiated) and lo and behold what do I see?
A Land Rover 101 Forward Control. "Wow" I thought, "you don't see many of
those about". "You don't know the half of it", said the owner. Turns out it
is a Vampire. Not your regular Transylvanian variety, but a specialist
variety of the Radio Bodied Forward Control. Still with me? Quick 101FC
lesson: There are three main types, the General Service (GS) which is a soft
top used for moving stuff about and towing large guns, the Ambulance (the
tallest one) and the radio body (used by Signals regiments). No-one really
knows what they used the Vampires for, but there is believed to be only 18
every made and three of those are in North America. And we found one by
accident. Well, I thought it was cool, anyway.P.S. I'm not the only slightly loopy one -> CLICK HERE

St Cloud 6: I'm in love

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Ok, I'm a Land Rover Nut. I admit it. Freely. I've had A V8 ex-army 110 (1990) and I still pine for it. I love the go-anywhere, do-anything ability, I love the Styled-by-TONKA looks and the simplicity and no-frills appeals to my Engineering nature. I also like the practicality of being able to take life along with you. I'd quite like a camper, you see. Not a towed caravan, oh no. Don't totally see the point of parking something up for 355 days a year just to find everything has seized when you need it. Think cool Beetle-van camper with off road ability. Think space enough to stand up in. Think converted ambulance previously maintained by the Army. Think Land Rover 101 Forward Control! If you don't know what one is, just follow this link: 101FC
Ok. Haven't done it. Might be the single figure fuel consumption or the fact that it is technically not a car but a lorry.., but this, this is just fab. Check out the huge solar panel on the front! Sharon, we need one...., honest!
16th Sep 2005, 14:00   comments (0)

St Cloud 5: Americans ever present

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Nice WW2 Jeep. Think it's a MB with optional radiator expansion bottle
outside the front grill. Also, Mustangs were ever present. (It was about now
that I had to explain to Stephane (the Frenchman that took me to the show)
what "To be an Anorak" meant in English").
16th Sep 2005, 13:38   comments (0)

St Cloud Cars

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A couple of Fiat 500 Jardinieres (estates) and a strange VW I've never seen
16th Sep 2005, 13:22   comments (0)

St Cloud 3

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Jaguar E-Type Lightweight (not your regular E-type!), A typically blue
Alpine A110 (fabulous Rally / Rally-cross design and deceptively tiny) and
something Red and white that I've no clue about. Any ideas?
16th Sep 2005, 13:20   comments (0)

St Cloud 2: The English get Everywhere

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Jaguar XK120s, Mk1 Mini, Morgan and a Jaguar XK140
16th Sep 2005, 13:17   comments (0)