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Well, this started out as a way that my wife could follow my lone progress in my little sports car from Birmingham UK to Orkney.

Been there, done that 2 day there, 13hour return trip.

So now follow me: an Englishman representing Americans and based in a French office near Paris. With an appartment in Versailles and trips back to the UK anything can happen and, frankly, I've no idea where this will lead!

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Euro Disney

(viewed 1639 times)
Armageddon - Not too scary, but the Aerosmith Rollercoaster now that's a
different matter. I like rollercoasters and have been on all of the ones at
Alton Towers (I think) and on the Big One in Blackpool and some at Universal
Studios Florida and the old ones at Disneyworld. The Aerosmith rollercoaster
launches you from a standing start and throws you into tight turns in pitch
blackness. Didn't breath for about 20 seconds. Awesome.

Citycar for DJs... ...assuming they need one.

(viewed 1269 times)
Toyota Yaris (**Correction **) Aygo DJ on the Champs Elysees Toyota showroom. Drive, park, DJ. If you're into that sorta thing.
29th Dec 2005, 16:19   comments (5)

Christmas part 2

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Christmas day at my apartment. Cooking facilities a bit limited and although some friends offered to lend us their fabulous and well equipped apartment (thanks Julie!), we settled for Kangaroo steak, mash and steamed veggies. Hmmm Skippy.

Then, boxing day at EURODISNEY! For us locals :), with Versailles addresses, the annual season ticket for both parks (Eurodisney and Disney Studio) is less than the admission for both parks and only slightly more than a day ticket to one park! Got sold the wrong train ticket at Versailles though (despite asking for EURODISNEY in French!) and had to pay a fair bit to get out of the station :( grumble grumble grumble.

Christmas Week

(viewed 518 times)
Christmas for me is spending quality time with my wife. As I'm in France and
she's in the UK that doesn't happen often enough. Little things are
important - like finishing a jigsaw together. This one's tricky; the picture
on the jigsaw is what you would see if you looked towards the picture on the
box and then turned around. Doesn't give you much to go on, but with a bit
of team effort......
29th Dec 2005, 15:19   comments (0)

Christmas part 1

(viewed 454 times)
OK, so the plan is to do Christmas in a way we've never done before. So..,
Christmas Eve on the Champs Elysees. Dinner of Mussels in Leon de Bruxelles followed by Hot Chocolate and waffles / Ice-cream Sundae in the Hagen Daas Cafe. Not a bad start; the place was busy and the lights were ace.
29th Dec 2005, 15:19   comments (0)

Tim & Sharon's Christmas Message

(viewed 438 times)
Phillipe Fillop in concert.
25th Dec 2005, 22:33   comments (0)

Laugh or Cry II

(viewed 438 times)
Yes folks, that's an individually plastic-wrapped orange in Champion (the
supermarket). Well, it was a nice planet, shame.
19th Dec 2005, 15:27   comments (0)

Laugh or Cry; the choice is yours.

(viewed 530 times)
19th Dec 2005, 15:22   comments (5)