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Well, this started out as a way that my wife could follow my lone progress in my little sports car from Birmingham UK to Orkney.

Been there, done that 2 day there, 13hour return trip.

So now follow me: an Englishman representing Americans and based in a French office near Paris. With an appartment in Versailles and trips back to the UK anything can happen and, frankly, I've no idea where this will lead!

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Juno Beach 2

(viewed 500 times)
Would you have made it out of the raging sea and across the sand?
13th Feb 2007, 11:03   comments (0)

Juno Beach

(viewed 496 times)
We now live not far from the Normandy Landing beaches.

A few weeks ago we went to visit Juno Beach, where the Canadian Forces came ashore. It's difficult to imagine the horror that must have unfolded on the sand, the stormy seas and absolutely nothing to hide behind until they'd crossed the beach to the German concrete emplacements.

I can only think that I'd have been terrified; I can't even think that I'd have had it in me to get to the grass.

Lest we forget.

The tank is a Sherman Dual Drive. It was a semi-amphibious vehicle with propellors to drive it though the water before it converted back to a normal tank. This one never made it onto the beach and was recovered from the sea after about 50 years underwater.
13th Feb 2007, 10:59   comments (0)

Say Cheeeeese!

(viewed 565 times)
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what 20euro of cheese looks like.

Consider this a lesson learnt: ask for a weight or a monetary value when asked "How much do you want?" at a farmers market.... Don't just nod when the farmer waves his knife over the product.....

At least it IS really good cheese though..
13th Feb 2007, 10:12   comments (2)

There's just one thing missing....

(viewed 663 times)
30th Oct 2006, 14:58   comments (0)

Honfleur laverie

(viewed 798 times)
A still working (although I can't imagine who uses it) outdoor laundry in
Normandy. I've seen one other like this where a stream was dammed and the
banks were built up with stone to allow clothes to be cleaned...., but I've
not seen one as well constructed as this!
30th Oct 2006, 14:57   comments (0)

French Roads

(viewed 661 times)
French roads are great..., except when it rains. In the UK we have "cats' eyes" that mark out the lanes by reflecting your headlights.

In France they haven't really caught on.

Dark and wet, I can't see where I'm going....
16th Oct 2006, 13:50   comments (0)

Paris Motor Show 7

(viewed 657 times)
New Audi R8. Ok it's gonna be quick... It is mid engined and lightweight...,
but what do you guys think?
4th Oct 2006, 14:49   comments (0)

Paris Motor Show 6

(viewed 582 times)
You gotta love these..... but..., grey?
4th Oct 2006, 14:43   comments (0)