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Well, this started out as a way that my wife could follow my lone progress in my little sports car from Birmingham UK to Orkney.

Been there, done that 2 day there, 13hour return trip.

So now follow me: an Englishman representing Americans and based in a French office near Paris. With an appartment in Versailles and trips back to the UK anything can happen and, frankly, I've no idea where this will lead!

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Little Itallian Boat

(viewed 641 times)
My Little Red Westfield (the two seater in my earliest blogs) is no longer
mine :( ...., my Big Red SAAB is no longer mine :( ....., but the Little
Silver Fiat Barchetta is now mine :D. Well, ours. I'll have to fight Sharon
for the keys when she gets to France.
25th Apr 2006, 13:02   comments (3)

Last Weekend

(viewed 478 times)
Came home for the weekend to visit my Parents. Took Sharon to a cool wool
shop called Loop in Islington and then ran out to the Harlequin Centre in
25th Apr 2006, 12:44   comments (0)

Model Show 6

Last post from the Salon des Maquettes. There was a HUGE diorama of the Battle of Waterloo at the edge of the show, with a bloke at the side explaining how he'd pieced it all together from the historical records.

Bit of a strange subject for a French model, after all the Duke of Wellington and the British defeated Napoleon's French army at the Battle of Waterloo. OK, well apparently we had help from the Germans, Belgians, Dutch and Prussians but as an Englishman I'm willing to overlook that historically significant fact and Wellington was in command anyway. He's also known for the Wellington boot, if you didn't know that.

Has it ever struck anyone as odd that the French people that get the Eurostar train through the Channel Tunnel arrive at Waterloo Train Station? Nothing like a warm welcome is there? :)
15th Apr 2006, 18:52   comments (0)

Model Show 5

OK, This is to show a little of the diversity of the show, although I took no pictures of trains or doll's houses. Hmm can't think why not for the moment.
15th Apr 2006, 18:19   comments (0)

Amazing Origami

(viewed 493 times)
Again, at the Model Show. Strange, but true.
15th Apr 2006, 18:14   comments (3)

Model Show 4

(viewed 496 times)
Strange things that are actually remote control aeroplanes. The footballer
I'm sure is home made, but the flying Formula 1 cars were available to buy.
15th Apr 2006, 18:05   comments (0)

Model Show 3

(viewed 486 times)
There was a chap next to the boating arena with a couple of Ekranoplan or Wing in Ground Effect (WIG) models. Not really boats and not really planes, I love this concept.

The theory is that close to the ground you get the twice the lift for the same amount of drag. It has the pleasant side effect of giving an aircraft a gentle cushion as it comes into land. But if you have to cross a nice open space like, say, the sea..., you can design a machine that never gets very high, has small wings (even less profile drag) and is very efficient. Downside is that you need huge amounts of power to
get it out of the water and then you're left with extra weight from engines you don't need. Also, a bit like a hovercraft, you have to keep a good eye on the size of the waves you're flying just over the top of.

The Russians played about with the idea in the Eighties and created what became known as the Caspian Sea Monster, with ten (!) jet engines for takeoff, it cruised using only two.See here for more info:
15th Apr 2006, 17:49   comments (0)

Model Show 2

(viewed 488 times)
Dassault Aviation had a good stand with presentation and wind tunnel models.
This is the Dassault Falcon 7X, their newest BizJet. Three engines but only
one Thrust Reverser. I used to run the team that made the thrust reverser
doors go in and out and the locks that keep them shut when the aircraft is
15th Apr 2006, 17:21   comments (0)