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...now in normal sized form again! But sometimes the wrong way round. Can't win 'em all, guys.

"Check, check, check
Turn your face to the wall and laugh."

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crappy hand stamp

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I have a strong hatred of places that don't give you a proper ticket when you've booked to pick them up on the door. Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh was the culprit - a venue I've got mixed views on anyway it must be said. But took a wee photo as it's now my "ticket" souvenir from Arab Strap gig in the 'bo.

Thank you and goodbye

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from last Monday... I did a wee review which is at: http://www.gigwise.com/contents.asp?contentid=25754

it's a bit of a rush job because I've been too busy this week so not what it could have been.

But what a night. Sigh..


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just found this and thought it was v cute! (If you turn your head that is). Drawn by my brother with lyrics from an old band he was in.
14th Nov 2006, 23:46   | tags:,,,comments (2)

lost kitty :(

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I haven't seen him though.
13th Nov 2006, 13:18   | tags:,comments (3)

:-D !!

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Am so excited... this album has been delayed its UK release until January, and just not possible to wait so long so I ordered it from lovely HMV Japan - it only took from last saturday to get here which is pretty impressive.
I could not love this band more.


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Last night Celtic were playing... somewhere far away and it was on Sky Sports Extra. Except that there was a fault in Sky's services all across the Glasgow city centre, which led to lots of men just pelting it up and down the streets trying to find out if anyone was actually able to show it. Everyone in the pub was on their phone to see if their mates could see it. There was much panic and even a resort to listening to the wireless before, thankfully, service was resumed.
They lost anyway. Which was a shame.
2nd Nov 2006, 11:39   | tags:,,,,comments (2)


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this guy appeared last night on Buchanan Street but unfortunatley Ripley was not around to keep control.
2nd Nov 2006, 11:36   | tags:,,comments (0)

our cakes

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for the halloween horror night. Usually we go to All Night Horror at the odeon, but it's shut down so we had to have our own private one.
29th Oct 2006, 19:11   | tags:,,comments (0)