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...now in normal sized form again! But sometimes the wrong way round. Can't win 'em all, guys.

"Check, check, check
Turn your face to the wall and laugh."

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Winner of the "most over used word in my degree" award 2005.
3rd May 2005, 15:29   comments (4)


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3rd May 2005, 15:05   comments (4)


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Mr. Teflon tries to make a camera crane moving thingy out of your ordinary office chair. Not a great pic to illustrate but twas making me laugh.
27th Apr 2005, 20:57   comments (4)

deftones fan writes on wall.

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Well, I hope that's why it's there. otherwise it's just a random angry person.
27th Apr 2005, 20:55   comments (0)

door policy

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Elaine's new favourite pub, except that somebody peed on the steps :(
but the staff were v nice. and the cocktails were good
25th Apr 2005, 00:28   comments (2)


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Well that's what I proclaimed when I took it.
Turns out to be "just a bit pissed"...
25th Apr 2005, 00:26   comments (0)


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So apparently someone's got some springtime feeling in them and really, really, REALLY loves Glasgow Uni! Because this is written everywhere. It makes me smile.
In the words of E
"Somebody loves you, and you're gonna make it through"
21st Apr 2005, 16:27   comments (3)


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To cheer myself up today I wore my favourite shoes.

And yeah, the Wizard of Oz is one of my favourite films !
21st Apr 2005, 14:57   comments (3)