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...now in normal sized form again! But sometimes the wrong way round. Can't win 'em all, guys.

"Check, check, check
Turn your face to the wall and laugh."

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This was not the plane

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Spent most of Wednesday in Prestwick or travelling to prestwick airport where the plane had to land because someone said there was a bomb on it. There was much dispute as to what plane it might be among various camera crews but in the end apparently this was not the plane (but I don't have a pic of the real one...)
14th Apr 2006, 13:48   | tags:,,,comments (2)

what a great honour!

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I think if I was sausage champion for the whole of central Scotland, I'd make a banner, too..


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strange and quite terrifying model thing in the window display of a shop in Falkirk which says it's a tattooist and piercer but seems to be full of rock wristbands and big velvet shirts too.
30th Mar 2006, 21:44   | tags:,,comments (0)

Ian Hamilton Finlay

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From the exhibition in Inverleith house in Edinburgh last year. As far as I can remember it was called "sentences" - I did a review of it but I can't find it. He died yesterday (aged 80) and he was a great Scottish artist, so it's good that there was lots of him about at the festival last year. Thought i still had this in my phone so I thought i'd post it.
I know it's not a great view, but it was a cool exhibition - he was obsessed with the language of poetry, so it was lots of lines blown up and put around the wall.
28th Mar 2006, 23:49   | tags:,,comments (0)

Tiny me in a book

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not a lot of people know this, but my glittering media career (ha!) began when I was only little. my mum went back to uni and did a psychology degree, and her professor was making a kids book which she donated the time of her children to. Anyway I was looking at the books today as we've just reshelved a whole bundle. And there I was being small.


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hehe. Was looking through a big pile of old videos of music stuff I've taped in search of scottish bands for a TV feature I'm doing, and came across this which I didn't know I still had. It's Eels on some sort of BBC Music Live show, and in the middle of "flyswatter" E takes a bit of pizza out of his keyboard and eats it. I am so happy I found this!


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I realised in class today that I actually can't write like a normal person any more as each time I try to write a's, b's, i's etc they come out in shorthand and I lapse into it. I guess that, journalistically, this is a good sign, but it's making me a bit crazy when I'm writing notes and stuff.

... then decorated!

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We made a cake (or rather, forced to make a cake via a three-year-long promise, but that's a long story) for James's birthday. As you can see it says "James Cake" on it. Actually looks worryingly like just a giant muffin. According to the recipe it has 6,320 calories so we are hoping he won't eat it all himself. Also hoping we will get to eat it in the pub!
2nd Mar 2006, 16:42   | tags:,,,comments (2)