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...now in normal sized form again! But sometimes the wrong way round. Can't win 'em all, guys.

"Check, check, check
Turn your face to the wall and laugh."

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Alex Kapranos

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last night at Hey You! Get Off My Pavement in Glasgow.
Franz Ferdinand played a secret surprise guest slot which was quite
good and the rest of the bands were worth having to stand in the rain
all day too (even though Part Chimp cancelled. Booo!)

thus ends my epic moblog updating spree!
6th Aug 2007, 22:16   comments (1)

rainy Mugdock

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rain and undeterred tourists with umbrellas at Mugdock castle in Milngavie.
6th Aug 2007, 22:13   comments (0)

lucky monkey!

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you have to rub his head with your left hand, as a kindly Belgian lady
explained to us
6th Aug 2007, 22:02   comments (0)

always a welcome sign...

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6th Aug 2007, 22:00   comments (3)

la tente

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on the way to Belgium for Dour festival, Ryanair lost our tent.
Disaster was averted when, after much frantic searching, we found the
last tent in the only camping shop in Mons.
6th Aug 2007, 21:59   comments (1)


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hotel with a pretty great view.
6th Aug 2007, 21:55   comments (0)


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just to go with the below post, the tour shirt. Actually Aereogramme
have done quite a line in depressing t-shirts over the years so it
works well! my other one says "no matter where I stand, you will
always see me as an exit" on the back for an example..
17th Jun 2007, 22:55   comments (0)


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The mighty Campbell of the 'Gramme.
Legendary not only for his tremendous bass playing but also the ability to down a bottle of red wine every time I saw them during the set - regardless of the length of set and for the time in the cathouse he told Craig he'd just paid out for "a million beers".
Last night was their last appearance in Glasgow, which basically means I'll never get to see them again as I can't afford to go to Germany or to the Connect festival.
Which is crap, as they are one of, if not indeed the absolute, my favourite bands.

an excellent gig tho and a fitting farewell, sob.