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I don't really need an intro. My pictures will explain all the goofiness of my being.

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(viewed 729 times)
And a macro of the sage plant for good measure.
23rd Jul 2008, 21:55   | tags:,comments (2)

Close up of pot

(viewed 584 times)
A close up of the potted plants. So pretty!
23rd Jul 2008, 21:51   | tags:comments (0)

Mini Oasis

(viewed 645 times)
My little garden that I've started to create. Tree is a japanese maple with potato plant vines, alyssum, some sage, tall grasses that I can't remember the name of, and a couple of other blossoming plants. The hanging planter has yellow black eyed susans, aaaaand. I'm so bad with names of plants.
23rd Jul 2008, 21:49   | tags:comments (0)

Black Jack wants love too

(viewed 570 times)
He's very happy to have a playmate. But he wants some camera love too.
29th Jun 2008, 09:31   | tags:comments (1)

More of Kinder

(viewed 1214 times)
Clark apparently makes a good ferret bed.
29th Jun 2008, 09:30   | tags:,comments (4)

Meet Frau Totenkinder

(viewed 1452 times)
Clark got a new ferret. She's adorable.

Her name is Frau Totenkinder or "Kinder" for short.
29th Jun 2008, 09:29   | tags:,comments (0)

Memories are the things we try and hold so tight.

(viewed 639 times)
So that those gone never leave us.

My dad immediately got her collar, propped the painting up, and found a little doodle I had done ages back and presented proudly in the living room.
16th Jun 2008, 06:23   | tags:,comments (1)


(viewed 1257 times)
A 12" X 16" painting I did for my dad as a father's day present. Maggie passed away last weekend. The house feels very empty with out her energetic presence.

It hit my dad the hardest. How do you react when you open the door and that happy face and wagging tail are missing?
16th Jun 2008, 06:04   | tags:,,comments (1)