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Dumball 2008 - Mission: Corfu

by dumball2008

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This is The Dumball Rally 2008.

It's when a load of not-so-rich, not-so-famous people get together in their fancy rubbish cars and drive ... all across Europe - just about the opposite of the rubbish Gumball.

Why let the rich and famous have all the fun? Dumball is one of those drunken pub ideas that actually happened.

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This year we're fundraising for War Child:

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Dumball's moving on...

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hello moblogers!

The Dumball is moving on... this year we're off to Finland (via Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and 1 solitary day in Russia), so please come and follow us at our very own official dumblog: It promises to bigger and better than ever...
11th May 2009, 23:15   comments (1)

The boy is back in town

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Team Raging Horn carried this photo of Adam from on his grave marker, it is
now back on the marker along with some Dumball souvenirs, he travelled the
Dumball with us for sure!
The link to his video is on the main site, if you haven't seen it, pop along
there or to
4th Jun 2008, 10:08   comments (1)

Some things to get used to again...

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* Wearing socks. And pants. Cleans ones at that.
* Eating.
* Driving with the windows up.
* Not having to heard at least 30 cats before every decision.
* Rain.
* Not having €70 fill ups twice a day.
* Not having your squadron at the end of a walkie ready to solve (or at least throw money at) any problem.
* Not having any money left.
* Not being pink on one side depending on which side of the car you've been sat on.
* Not constantly seeing The Alliance in our rear view mirror.
* Not being to raise an instant smile and a wave from anyone by driving a mooing cow though the centre of the busiest town you can find.
* Sleep. Lots of it.
* Not hiring speedboats to drive somewhere for lunch.
* Being in the same bed (not to mention country) for two nights in a row.
* Not talking filth and bollocks constantly.
* Not having the power of 95 amazing comrades on tap at all times.
* It being about being there, not getting there.
* Not talking in cliquey in-jokes the whole time.
* Chipped.

And so much more. Thanks again from everyone to our glorious leaders and the true Dumball number ones- Rick'n'Nick. Well done guys. It was ace on a stick.
3rd Jun 2008, 18:57   comments (1)

Baggage anyone?

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The plane driver chappie made up an hour during the flight so we landed pretty much on time after all. Then waited forever for our luggage

JbubTeam raging Horn

.BlueBerry's are better than Blackberry's?
3rd Jun 2008, 01:46   comments (1)

Dumball jet

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This pictuure tells its own story. The plane was diverted and is late. Is it a dumball plane?BlueBerry's are better than Blackberry's?
2nd Jun 2008, 22:02   comments (1)

Monkey Business

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In true Dumball spirit. No sooner had the monkey recovered from the awards nite party than it was trying to win the kofi Annan award. Or are those the captains bitches? Next stop london gatwick. Adams spirit flies with us and with all dumballers


BlueBerry's are better than Blackberry's?
2nd Jun 2008, 20:40   comments (1)

Choptop funerals

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Don't leave your car at a garage and ask them to improve the air conditioning. If you are easy funerals the task is undertaken with an angle grinder!

We are off scuba diving soon. The prospect of a return home looms aparrantly these crazy people have normal lives in the uk!JbubraginghornBlueBerry's are better than Blackberry's?
1st Jun 2008, 20:28   comments (1)

Get jiggy

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Its jigs birthday tomorrow so that can only mean one thing. A dumball night out involving food, drink, karaoke and general merriment.

The first ever dumball wedding took place last night after the award ceremony. Reverend Ray G Inhorn conducted the service in the car park by the dumball alter. Ther was hardly a dry eye in the place!Jbub team raginghorn in corfuBlueBerry's are better than Blackberry's?
1st Jun 2008, 20:10   comments (1)
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