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You wake up and remember your dream in great clarity. Grab your phone off your bedside table and SMS it to the moblog.

You remember your dream and you know how it changes as the day goes by? Grab your phone and tell us about it on video.

You see something which is dreamlike in your daily life, snap a picture and send it up.

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It was like i was in the 1800s

It was like i was in the 1800s sometime, in the uk. I had to find all these hidden patterns under the earth, in houses, in swamps.I had to save the world

Posted by Alfie

25th Aug 2008, 14:07   comments (0)

i had a dream last night...

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I had a dream last night, which was quite unusual as I don't normally. But this was weird! I dreamt I was at the world echo championships! In a massive cave... The aim was to create the loudest and longest echo! I found that by placing thousands of wine glasses on the floor of the cave I could produce the biggest echo... It was a tight competition but i mast have been close to being the loudest. I woke up before the results. :(

Posted by goode

14th Jul 2008, 14:08   | tags:,comments (9)
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