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hello, my name is al. i make music by myself and with a band called the fictive kinship. i work in an office in london on railway related stuff and cycle to work every day. i love cooking, swimming and riding my bike all over london. i try to eat well, write good songs and not drink too much. i don't always succeed.

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ready to assemble.

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this is what's making watching paint dry process go all the more slowly. all the lovely goodies are ready to be united. must. be. patient.


i keep going in there just to look at it all!
10th Sep 2008, 19:44   comments (2)

watching paint dry

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i've been at it all day. first spray this morning went all wrong when i took the lid off the paint. i knocked the nozzle off and when i put it back on it sprayed a thick liquid rather than a fine mist and dripped all over my hand and the drive. so i had to abandon that. wait for the drippy mess to dry before sanding, cleaning, drying, going out for more paint and bucket and stiff broom to clean the communal drive. bad start.

next can worked better although again the finish wasn't as smooth as i'd have liked. think it's just this plasticote paint tho. i don't mind the slightly dimpled finish. i've finally covered the bare bits and got a good even coverage. waited a couple of hours and then did a final fine spray. annoyingly as the can started to run out it "spat" a bit and i had to do some emergency dabbing and re-spraying.

left it several hours while i fixed punctures, fitted new tyres and spend a good couple of hours on the brake and bartape.

then three seperate coats of clearcoat with 20 mins between the first two and and an hour or so etween the last two. again, not brilliant but acceptable i'd say.

now i've just got to be patient before i start the rebuild. i'd like to do it NOW but common sense says wait till tomorrow night.

this really has taken far more time effort and money than i thought it would.

hey ho - beats going to work.

10th Sep 2008, 19:43   comments (3)

for parabolichobo

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this was black, gooey and all gunked up a couple of days ago. someone recently gave me a really good method of cleaning chains so i thought i'd pass it on. remove chain, take one small bottle of white spirit, pour away a bit so it doesn't overflow (or pour what you need into a little water bottle i suppose), put the chain in, close the bottle and shake. leave over night, shake again and pour away the (now black) white spirit. kerrching! one shiny clean and gunk free chain.
9th Sep 2008, 23:38   comments (2)

the flyer project - update

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i'm turning my genesis flyer fixed wheel road bike into a "plantation owner" style retro beauty. here's the state of play as of this morning:

frame stripped of all parts, sanded down to remove decals that were under a clear coat, rubbed down all over, cleaned, dried and masked. this process alone has taken several weeks in several stages. here's a tip for you, don't strip a white bike of it's clear coat, rub it down and THEN remove the very very dirty chain. it took me hours to get the thousands of ingrained oil stains off the porous white base-coat. anyway, having got all that sorted i resprayed it white. did three coats last night with the frame hanging from a branch of a bush outside the front door. another rub down to remove any stray drips or build up then i reckon another couple of light coats tonight, a clear coat or two and the frame will be done. if it's dry enough for spraying tonight i hope to be back on the road by tomorrow evening.

some of the bits i've accumulated over the last six months:

- brooks swift brown leather saddle that looks like a shiny new conker

- some chrome retro track style handlebars and handily short (and cheap) chrome riser stem.

- brooks brown leather bar tape (complete with cork bar-plugs).

- some nice puncture proof tyres that i've had had on standby for months.

I've cleaned and set aside all the existing parts that are going back on too.

that lot should get it riding really well and looking largely the part.

oh and to complete the whole modern/retro hybrid look i'm after some of those lightweight clip-on mudguards for winter.

can't wait to get this done and back on the road.

9th Sep 2008, 09:23   | tags:,,,comments (7)

spot of tea

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6th Sep 2008, 10:12   comments (0)

corridor kitten

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4th Sep 2008, 10:21   comments (0)

more studio distraction

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1 - a bit of the wall


2 - another bit

"is there any more beer?"

"sounded fine to me"

"yeah well, maybe try another take and we can edit them together later"




such is recording.
4th Sep 2008, 10:17   comments (0)

quiet things to do

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while someone else is doing a take. sit behind the drums, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING and idly try and take uber close-ups of:

1 - cymbal


2 - snare
4th Sep 2008, 10:15   comments (0)