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hello, my name is al. i make music by myself and with a band called the fictive kinship. i work in an office in london on railway related stuff and cycle to work every day. i love cooking, swimming and riding my bike all over london. i try to eat well, write good songs and not drink too much. i don't always succeed.

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10th Nov 2010, 11:02   comments (1)

Testy Posts - Woolacombe Bay

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Just trying out some different ways of posting from the phone etc. This is Woolacombe bay last Saturday morning. We were down for a wedding and despite driving though a monsoon on the way down Saturday was absolutely stunning.
9th Nov 2010, 22:03   comments (2)

I'm Back!

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It's only been two years. Not much to catch up on then. Blimey. Where to begin?

Was just looking back at the last couple of years worth of pics with a variety of phones and found this from the day we moved out of our old flat in Kilburn. Feb 2009 I believe.

A quick update on the last page or so of images would be:

- I never did build up the Witcombe frame. Sold it and bought an ancient path racer. Managed to snap the on forks on that, got it fixed then retired it in favour of a much less precious 80s Raleigh frame. Flower's riding these days too! She's even been commuting to work (Islington to Victoria) all though the cold weather. I'm really proud of her.

- Lily turned two a while back and walks, talks, chats, giggles sings and everything. Sure she'll pop up in some further catching up posts soon.

- I did the 2010 Swimathon as well in about the same time. Ironmonger pool then closed down and I switched to London Fields Lido and also joined Cally Masters swimming club in Caledonian Rd. Training for 90 mins every Thursday and improving rapidly. Must make it down to more Saturday Morning sessions. Unfortuantely this means staying in on Friday nights... i've made it the last two weeks though. just weird getting up earlier on saturday than i do all week.

- I'm still at NR in the same seat. Quite happy there really. Well, that and busily scheming away as usual. The fire got put out almost straight away though.

That just about brings us up to date I reckon. Good to be back!


p.s. i no longer have the muffin.
9th Nov 2010, 21:44   comments (2)

new project!

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picked up this new frame and forks yesterday.

it's a 1972 witcomb road frame. it's 531 with wonky lugs and was recently refurbished by witcomb (couple of minor repairs).

i'm thinking i'm going go classic cruiser style. some nice old low profile rims, lightweight hubs and crankset (nothing too macho), maybe some moustache bars, full length mudguards, paint it fire engine red, gumwall tyres top the whole thing off with a B17 and a cheery bell. ding ding!

that's my current thinking anyway. now to start gathering bits.
22nd Apr 2009, 09:26   comments (2)

swimathon 09 - dunnit! (just)

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topped off a manic couple of weeks with doing the 5k challenge at the swimathon on friday. orange hat this year to go with last years pink one.

i made it (164 lengths of the 30m pool) in 1 hour 22 minutes... which was 4 minutes slower than last year.

i'm actually pretty happy with that given the amount of time i had to train for this one (6 weeks in total including a week off for injury and a final two weeks full of rehearsals for a last-minute wedding gig). bearing all of that in mind i'm really pleased to have got to the end let alone got near last year's time, which was set after over three months of pretty dedicated training.

anyway, i don't think i could have gone much faster and was absolutely shattered afterwards.

thanks to everyone who sponsored me! we raised £300 for marie curie cancer care. Good work peeps.

thank you!

21st Apr 2009, 10:11   comments (0)


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20th Apr 2009, 18:14   comments (3)


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i'm trying to be fit and healthy whilst training for this swim and have become conscious that i often eat too many biscuits during the course of a day.

Q - how do i ensure i eat fewer biscuits today?
A - get a muffin

26th Mar 2009, 14:20   | tags:comments (10)

lily grabs a fistful

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19th Mar 2009, 22:55   comments (1)