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hello, my name is al. i make music by myself and with a band called the fictive kinship. i work in an office in london on railway related stuff and cycle to work every day. i love cooking, swimming and riding my bike all over london. i try to eat well, write good songs and not drink too much. i don't always succeed.

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st peter's house

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at the time i took this picture i lived here. lived there for five years in fact. i don't anymore. the legendary french poet and libertine guillaume apollinaire once stayed in this house. he was once arrested for stealing the mona lisa. i checked the attic and there's nothing there.
5th Mar 2007, 14:15   comments (0)


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from the band primary school hero. he's a fine chap and also my best mate. here he is hanging about at the premises studios in hackney. near a piano.

confession time. i need to get all the pics off my phone. it's full. so far today i've been offing them in reverse order. that is most recent first. but there'a a lot there's a lot to get off and that would leave us about nine months in the past , so i've gone back to day one and intend to contine the flood of pics in the correct direction.

so this would be my first ever camera pic. rich in the premises.
5th Mar 2007, 14:14   comments (0)


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this scary-ass victorian factory type thing in limehouse is where the tacticians rehearse. it's drippy creepy and grim.
5th Mar 2007, 13:40   comments (0)

bass corner

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this was my little corner for two weeks.

that's my 50s reissue p bass (with flatwounds) a little 3/4 scale musicmaster belonging to the producer and an ampeg B15 and 1x15 cab. the amp used to belong to john entwistle of the who apparently. it sounded great though not very loud. i had it cranked most of the time. it has an engraved little plexi-glass plate on the "pop up" top that glows "ampeg" in luminous green when you turn it on. sweeeet.

oh an that's my little champ hiding underneath. it didn't get used on the record as i lent it to my ex girlfriend's sister at a gig the week before we started and she blew the speaker. and my other amp actually. boo for that.
5th Mar 2007, 13:34   comments (0)

they're here all week

(viewed 549 times)
try the veal

5th Mar 2007, 12:22   comments (1)

WEM scout

(viewed 634 times)
mad little thing. you turn it on then after about half an hour it makes random violent exploding sounds for a bit, then it settles down and sounds like crunchy chewy peanutty goodness. this got used on the majority of the album i'd say.
5th Mar 2007, 12:21   comments (0)

national amp

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sounds like a champ

doesn't like damp

la la la la la la

i love lamp

5th Mar 2007, 12:20   comments (0)

gibson make amps too

(viewed 514 times)
tiny little ones that look like antiques and sound like red hot rock and roll heaven. you plug in the back and turn the one knob up full then you just smile. actually this little beastie ended up sounding too rockin and got replaced by something cleaner later in the process. raunchy doesn't even cover it.
5th Mar 2007, 12:19   comments (2)