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1st Sep 2007, 21:07   comments (3)

:( bye bye

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I drove past my old upper school last week, to find this. Most kids jokingly
dream of seeing their school demolished, mostly because they do not realise
how much fun they have. Indeed, if I was currently there, I'd probably see
the demolition in a different light. As all I have now are fun memories,
it's slightly upsetting to see it go. Especially since this was the last
school I attended that is either still standing or functioning as a school.
Since I'm only 23, that says a lot about either my education or government
activity in my area.

On a nicer note, there is a brand shiny new school right next door, waiting
to be filled with lots of memories :)
14th Aug 2007, 14:21   comments (1)

Vs Inter

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5th Aug 2007, 11:10   comments (3)

one way

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it came back

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