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Corridor 345 of Dave's mind.
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Catch of the Day

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Waiting for the Vodafone branded highspeed ferry, the fishermen set out their catch. Rafina, Greece.
4th Jul 2007, 10:19   | tags:,,,comments (1)

Sunrise and Sunset

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Well the other way around. The sun on the side of the ferry is the sunrise at Rafina, just outside of Athens. The sun behind the fishing boat is sunset in Hora - Mykonos.

Flower - Macro

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These are fun things. They open for the sun and close again at night. Every
one of them is unique.

Preview of photos showing this week in 'Peace and Tranquillity' Screenza.


(viewed 700 times)
25th May 2007, 12:48   comments (2)

Drip Drops of water and sunshine

(viewed 2666 times)
These were a kind of mistake. I was just testing the light and noticed that
the shutter speed was so fast it caught individual drops in flight. Outside
the Ebay offices in Richmond.

Reflecting on the Thames

(viewed 1480 times)
The River never looked so good. A preview of next week's Tranquillity
channel on Screenza.

Abstract Bee

(viewed 1345 times)
Down by the River, this strange looking plant obviously has its attractions
- for insects as well as photographers.
23rd May 2007, 17:04   | tags:,,,comments (2)

White Rose

(viewed 1336 times)
Springtime and the Tulips have made way for Roses.
23rd May 2007, 17:02   | tags:,,comments (0)