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Corridor 345 of Dave's mind.
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Thames 1

(viewed 798 times)
Summer has arrived and even the Thames looks good.. well in Richmond anyway
17th Jul 2005, 16:53   comments (1)


(viewed 12338 times)
SLR or GT40. hmmmmThere is no choice really
28th Jun 2005, 17:49   comments (42)

LA Red Carpet

(viewed 866 times)
The infamous Chinese Theatre. You know - it's a lot like Leicester Square -
only grottier and there is no square.
1st Apr 2005, 17:20   comments (1)


(viewed 735 times)
Sometimes. only sometimes mind you, the rain in the UK has its advantages.
Like adding light and contrast to otherwise uncomfortable street furniture.
It you can't sit on it - you might as well look at it.
1st Apr 2005, 17:14   comments (2)

RB1 Unveiled

(viewed 818 times)
Parked in Berkeley Street, Mayfair last night was the new car from Red Bull Racing ? the RB1. According to the people at Funky Buddha, Red Bull Racing held an exclusive event last night for partners and sponsors of the new F1 team.--
14th Dec 2004, 10:23   comments (0)

New York Taxi

(viewed 2018 times)
The second in my New York by phone camera series. ---
20th Sep 2004, 09:10   comments (0)

Grand Central

(viewed 782 times)
Travel photography is changing. I do love the effect that phone cameras
produce. I took this shot with an SLR as well, but I think I prefer the
phone shot.---

19th Sep 2004, 17:53   comments (0)

Piccadily pixels

(viewed 869 times)
Not a bad night shot for a phone camera---

Was taken in Piccadily, London around dusk.
19th Sep 2004, 17:41   comments (4)