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Like the matrix. But shit.

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Or what doing a 'find and replace' on the page breaks on Pi to 1 million decimal places looks like.
11th Dec 2005, 22:18   comments (0)

I've just noticed my lamp shade is pink.

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Which means I am a gayer.
11th Dec 2005, 21:31   | tags:,,comments (4)

all teh wristbands

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This is from August this year.We were at a festival and about 4 of us got speaking to a young lad who had loads of wristbands.

We slightly meanly (and drunkenly), started asking him about ach one, and telling him he should only really wear the ones for the causes he believed in and knew about, so we explained to him what each charity did.

Steven (my sister's boyfriend) even gave him his 'make poverty history' wristband, after explaining a little bit about the cause (it was actually a bizzarely touching moment).

Hopefully we didn't scare him too much, and he actually thought about them a little more.

But he probably thought we were just drunken idiots.
11th Dec 2005, 19:52   | tags:,comments (1)

My little pusscat

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having a stretch...
11th Dec 2005, 19:46   | tags:,comments (1)

Blast from the past

All taken at Sidmouth Folk Festival a few years ago and just found on an old website I used to have.

Unfortunately I think the uni scanner I used at the time was a bit dirty, hence the smudges ;)

1. my sister

2. friend david showing how morris dancing should be done ;)

3. the lovely isiobel

4. drew very close up

5. ross in full-on morris kit tucking in.

more pics from last night...

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1. Beth managing to get rather a lot of her fist in her mouth.

2. Joe complete with 'how we used to wear them in the old days' tie.
10th Dec 2005, 13:50   | tags:,,,,,comments (5)

Best. Plastic bag. Ever.

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It can hold 6 bottles of wine!
10th Dec 2005, 13:48   | tags:,,comments (8)

No hangover - i'm just addicted.

(viewed 984 times)
9th Dec 2005, 11:13   | tags:comments (15)