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15th Jul 2006, 13:57   | tags:,,comments (0)


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Last week I went to a friends wedding which as rather excitingly in the middle of Edinburgh zoo.

The next day we got to see the 'penguion parade' where they march the penguins on a circuit around the zoo - exciting stuff.
15th Jul 2006, 13:54   | tags:,,,comments (1)

So I was sat in a meeting....

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...with an agency who were pitching for our business. Just as we're all done and I'm about to leave, I spot the mug which I've been drinking from for the past hour.Hopefully the guy I was speaking to didn't notice.That's the last time I let Natalie make tea for me before imporant meetings.
15th Jul 2006, 13:47   | tags:,,,comments (4)

Big sis graduates

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With a Phd in Plant Science.Does that mean I have to call her doctor? gosh. :)
7th Jul 2006, 18:06   comments (7)

Canary Wharf, on Monday

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Mmmm, shiny.
7th Jul 2006, 18:01   | tags:,comments (0)

Because, everybody loves toast.

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4th Jul 2006, 22:57   | tags:,comments (5)

Fruits of a brilliant weekend

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So, the morning after this(link) pic was taken I found myself running down a hill with a lot of other hungover people chasing after a large red edam.

Well bugger me if I didn't catch the little bastard, and will be eating cheese for the next 3 weeks - breakfast, lunch and tea.

Relaxing on the bus

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Apparently more comfortable than sitting normally?
26th Jun 2006, 19:12   | tags:,,comments (0)