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Tebak-tebak berhadiah:
Gw pengen jadi mahasiswa Universitas Indonesia. Fakultas apa yg gw pengen?
Makara fakultasnya yg biru biru, contoh jurusannya ARSITEKTUR.
27th Feb 2009, 20:50   comments (0)

one.. two.. trees

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i'm having a flu right now.
i feel so dizzy and stupid.
tomorrow i'll face a try out test.
argh, i'm sure i won't make it.
aaaaang, shitty flu~
fyi, the trees drawing made by me.
i've taken a pill for flu and i think i should be sleeping now.
14th Feb 2009, 16:29   | tags:,,comments (0)

a a r

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I love All American Rejects.
Catchy tunes.
Have you heard 'Gives You Hell'?
I'll be glad if I can sing it in front of my ex's face.
14th Feb 2009, 15:50   | tags:comments (0)


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Hope you're having a nice valentine with our money, you rats!

PS: Don't forget to return our money.
14th Feb 2009, 06:10   | tags:comments (0)


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how come you're so hard to reach?
how come you're so expensive to get?
how come you're so attracting many challanger?

how come you had me at hello?
14th Feb 2009, 05:49   | tags:comments (0)

They Don't Need To Know

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God doesn't need to know that I loved Him a lot.
Mom and Dad doesn't need to know that I want to make them proud and love them like they love me.
My big brother doesn't need to know that he is my best buddy.
My cousins doesn't need to know that I am happy to share the same blood like them.
My friends doesn't need to know that I assume them like my siblings.

Because they already know.
14th Feb 2009, 05:29   comments (1)

pizza monster

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this afternoon mom and dad go to their cousin cemetery.
they left me and my big bro some money.
we order pizza.
it arrived.
and it gone in a few minutes.
geez, how monsters are we.
14th Feb 2009, 05:16   | tags:comments (0)

Sin Circus City

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My class have to choose yearbook theme.
It's between circus or sin city.
I think both of them are great.
Whatever the theme will be, I still choose to be the ring master.
14th Feb 2009, 02:27   | tags:,comments (0)