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My view

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The picture is courtesy of Euphro

Posted by 540air

26th Oct 2006, 12:27   comments (7)

Laptop - Ubuntu 6.10

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Posted by Joe

26th Oct 2006, 11:00   comments (14)

Todays Desktop: PINGU!

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Posted by Alfie

20th Oct 2006, 12:19   comments (2)


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Someone questioned y I had 4 monitors .. so I can see wtf I'm doing as I do
many things at once. Primarily a developers desktop .. ide's, ssh tty's
into my 2 servers, many browsers, vmware machines etc etc etc. So here's a
tiny weeny lil picture of the whole thing!! heh. I don't actually have a
desktop image .. it's plain black. I rarely see the desktop so why waste
RAM on a picture.

posted by AAH

13th Oct 2006, 01:28   comments (0)


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The Cube at Astor Place. (Technically, it's named "Alamo" but no one ever
calls it that.)

Posted by bronxelf

13th Oct 2006, 01:01   comments (4)

Ninja tunes desktop

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Shit hot visuals from da coldcut boys
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Posted by DocD

13th Oct 2006, 00:10   comments (0)

I'll join in the fun

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posted by Rhys

Posted by rhys

12th Oct 2006, 16:09   comments (2)

This is mine :)

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I'm all for the minimalist look when it comes to desktops, I don't like it
when they are *covered* in icons!As for my background the picture was taken by me in Palos Verdes,
California, September 2006 :)

Posted by ViX

12th Oct 2006, 15:09   comments (1)