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the rather sedate world of me. dan. now, back with an all new camera phone and a bucket of free MMS's
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Bucket of sausages!

Someone's left the lid off the sex change clinic bin.
21st Oct 2004, 18:28   comments (1)

Waiting for the bus


21st Oct 2004, 18:27   comments (2)

dead fish and chips

eerie pub off oxford street... i actually went for egg, ham and chips...
which was scrum-didly-umchus!

20th Oct 2004, 00:28   comments (4)

Having an ill day

Bed's covered in shit, probably just fling it all on the floor and go back to sleep.
15th Oct 2004, 16:41   comments (0)


The light of the sunset is amazing tonight, this picture captures none of it's majesty, but it does look like Bluewater's been blown to shit by a nuke... If only.
13th Oct 2004, 17:58   comments (2)

Some images from the film tonight

Resident Evil 2 (it's alright, nothing special, it's fun).... erm... ok,
so it's just pictures from the opening adverts.

those orange adverts really annoy me, sarah decided that you can judge
the IQ of the audiance by how much laughter is heard after the comercial
plays... either i'm loosing brain cell's or they've eventually come up
with some funny ones. *doh!*

11th Oct 2004, 23:24   comments (6)

Party Last Night

it was a little dark... so not many pictures were taken.

my mates rory and simba playing some tunes... an incredibly pissed
french bloke, who looks like a scary eye'd blob, and a picture of their
lamp, which was really cool, but could have done with being six inches
closer to the ceiling *donk*

10th Oct 2004, 14:19   comments (2)

Cat DJ

Best birthday card in the world. This years winner by a long way, beating off stiff competition from the golfing cricketter.
9th Oct 2004, 16:04   comments (0)
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