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"We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered." - Guildenstern, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

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To make sure I wouldn't lose my car again...

(viewed 884 times)
... I parked by the only tree in the parking lot. :)
26th Apr 2005, 18:55   comments (11)

Guess who just dropped by for a surprise visit? :D

(viewed 933 times)
Sebastian and his mom! :D
26th Apr 2005, 12:09   comments (14)

Ringu, anyone?

(viewed 1516 times)
I'm having WAY too much fun putting conditioner on my hair, here...
26th Apr 2005, 10:08   comments (11)

Playing with Photoshop

(viewed 958 times)
It's amazing what a few of those tools can do to an ordinary, boring picture.

(Didn't save the original. D'oh.)
26th Apr 2005, 00:45   comments (9)

Treeblogging, ...

(viewed 893 times)
... can't ... resist... !
26th Apr 2005, 00:43   comments (4)

Wacky German food culture

(viewed 26618 times)
At my uncle's 40th birthday party last night.

Did I mention that I'm a vegetarian? :)
23rd Apr 2005, 12:14   comments (99)

Memories of summers past

(viewed 804 times)
23rd Apr 2005, 12:08   comments (0)

Franconian Alb

(viewed 939 times)
(To take these pictures, I had to stalk across a rather squishy field in stiletto heels.
Ah, the lenghts I will go to catch a moblog moment...! ;)
23rd Apr 2005, 12:05   comments (14)