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(viewed 822 times)
Ceci n'est pas un tree
4th Nov 2006, 02:18   comments (5)

The Queen Sucks

(viewed 1009 times)
Advertising clearly pays off...
4th Nov 2006, 02:04   comments (0)

Heavy petting

(viewed 838 times)
I'm not brave enough to walk through the door and find out what goes on
20th Sep 2006, 04:40   comments (5)


(viewed 849 times)
Grilled octopus & king prawn (caught that morning) & still warm
Steamed asparagus (still warm)
Lettuce heart shredded
lemon and olive oil dressingNow that's why I moved to Sydney...
17th Sep 2006, 11:29   comments (2)

Fork n Spoon sculpture

(viewed 1466 times)
I clearly need a hobby of some kind...
24th Aug 2006, 05:11   comments (1)


(viewed 872 times)
A favourite spot for lunch...
2nd Aug 2006, 00:20   comments (1)

Useful advice

(viewed 887 times)
Useful advice from an anti-litter campaign.
8th Feb 2006, 22:31   comments (3)

Techno Teddies

(viewed 949 times)
Dancing in the crowd at a mini-festival we went to.
8th Feb 2006, 22:30   comments (1)
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