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Many of you will already know about the schools photography competition I've started to organise. It had to take a back seat while I was recovering from cancer but I'm going to launch it this year.

I want to give everyone the opportunity of entering, which means giving workshops for would-be photographers and those who would like to encourage them throughout the UK. The photos you post here will help illustrate the many ways that people can show the many things that make them feel like dancing and we'll use some in the workshops themselves.

The competition will have five classes - I'm firming up prizes now - Winners will be exhibited a and I'm still working on a charity element.

Big Dance is supporting the competition and has even given winners' images space in City Hall during the 2012 Olympics.

I know that you lot have great imagination, a good sense of humour and boundless creativity and am hoping for some great things... And also hoping that you'll enter the competition too!

I'm not about to steal your copyright or use the images for dodgy stuff but will select images from this site at the pilot workshops and comps.

If everything goes to plan another selection of images will go to every UK school that enters the competition. But that's for the future.

Please help

..more about the schools photography competition is on this group's profile page

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makes me feel like dancing. :D

Posted by Caine

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Poppies are pure sensuality, like satin sheets, shining and warm in the sun, rumpled from a long session of lovemaking and they make me feel like the sun.

Posted by Caine

6th Jun 2010, 22:34   comments (4)

car in cotonou

voiture au bénin

Posted by ahmuda

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african life

what is AFRICA my continent

Posted by ahmuda

les élèves BENONOIS marche ce jour

marche des élèves du BENIN

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my life

Posted by ahmuda

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