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just fooling around...

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Took this through the windshield shaded by a sun visor that works like a pair of sunglasses. Sort of. Why did I take this pic? I have no idea.
24th Oct 2006, 18:30   comments (0)

a blast from the past...

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Found this photo recently. This is a photo of the university newspaper
staff, around 1984 give or take a year. From the looks of things, this
was taken for the end-of-semester parody issue, so late November, early
December. I'm seated and wearing a goofy straw hat. I remember the
names of maybe half the folks standing there, which isn't bad
considering that this was more than 20 years ago. We were young,
talented and insane, and I'm sure none of us has aged a day.
24th Oct 2006, 02:30   comments (0)

last of the zoo pics

The third picture is of a zoo volunteer cuddling a baby orangutang.
The last two are of the aquarium's "touch tank." Visitors were given a
chance to touch a few sea creatures, including a small shark. We were
told exactly how to do it--one finger, taking care to avoid the eyes
and faces. We also got to touch a starfish, coral, and a couple of
different types of crab.
5th Sep 2006, 05:05   comments (0)

peacocks and polar bears

Gotta love the polar bear doing the backstroke.
5th Sep 2006, 04:52   comments (1)

last of the cats

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The last picture is a litter of baby jaguars. :) So cute!
5th Sep 2006, 04:47   comments (0)

more big cats

These were taken inside the cat house. The cats have such wonderful faces.
5th Sep 2006, 04:42   comments (0)

old and decrepit

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Ha! He may be old, but I wouldn't call him decrepit by a long shot. I
wouldn't want to take him on!
5th Sep 2006, 04:37   comments (0)

big cats!

The cat house at the zoo here in Omaha was state-of-the-art in the
mid-70s, when it was built, but not any more. A new, larger one is in
the process of being built.
5th Sep 2006, 04:34   comments (0)