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i'm a good person. not a nice person. confuse the two at your own risk. here are shots of my art, shots of my work, and of other small parts of my life.

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'the carnivore' is the name of this special. Mmm.
21st Mar 2006, 20:12   comments (1)


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this is the sort of thing i doodle when i'm thinking about other things.
21st Mar 2006, 15:29   comments (4)

oil paints, week 1

1- my first attempt at burnt-umber pickout with oils. not horrid, but had a huge scale issue.
2-so after five hours of working on it, my teacher had me scrub it off the canvas with turps.
3-the model, van. my second attempt's sketch in oils is now on the canvas.
4-version 2-sketch.
5-version 2-final. i think for having done it in 45 minutes, it's not too bad. ;)
21st Mar 2006, 15:28   comments (1)

mom, during and after chemo

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1-february 2004. my mom, in the middle of chemotherapy for non-hodgkins
2-august 2005. my mom's last radiation treatment, after chemo, was in april 2005. she looks so much healthier.
21st Mar 2006, 15:25   comments (10)

my younger brother and i

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my little brother, who is eight years younger than i am.
21st Mar 2006, 15:22   comments (5)

Burnt umber pickout

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Week 2's painting.
21st Mar 2006, 07:36   comments (5)

Zorn palette

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Zorn palette in oil. Blue-black, vermillion, yellow ochre, and zinc white.
21st Mar 2006, 07:36   comments (0)


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aragorn. gouache (Zorn palette), 2004.
21st Mar 2006, 00:16   comments (4)